Ornamented Stone Table

LOCATIONYalahar, Oramond, Issavi, Darashia, Marapur
QUESTIt is not required to start any quest to collect this item.

Stone table with ornament – a much loved decorative piece. You can get it in three cities in Tibia. You can move it to the house by pushing it on the floor. You can also walk on it.


You can find this decorative table for the first time in Yalahar, e.g. in the Yalahar Trade Quarter or what is much easier – in the Yalahar Foreigner Quarter – which does not require any quest to enter and everybody can easily take it.


Another city where this decorative table was used is Rathleton. The easiest way to get it is to go to the tavern located above the training room (the building to the left of the Depo). There you will find a large number of tables.


Another town where you will find Ornamented Stone Tables is Issavi. You will find a single piece among the so-called hanging gardens to the right of Depo.


One more location for this very popular decorative table is the fallen city of undead and Necromancers – Drefia, west of Darashia. The map below shows examples of where you may find several of these tables.

IMPORTANT: The location of this table makes it possible to transport it to the main continent. We can push it to the Explorer Society building in Port Hope and thanks to the teleport system we have the possibility to move the table to Northport.


The last location where you will find this stone table is a town located in the Marapur archipelago, or more precisely to the left of NPC Sessek. Although seemingly quite invisible and covered by an object that the player cannot move personally, it can be used to decorate! Just use the “browse field” option on this particular SQM and move the table that way!

Examples of use:

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