Character: Asenat

Server: Menera

Maria Laura has been playing Tibia since 2006. She decided to show her love for the game with beautiful and professional artwork.

On one of her graphics, she presented herself, or rather her character from the game in her favorite outfit! It looks really great!

The rest of the artwork is her interpretation of monsters from the world of Tibia. Below you can see monkeys from Banuta:

Sooner or later, every Tibia artist will face Ferumbras himself! đŸ˜‰ Here are the effects of this experience:

Ferumbras is a legendary figure in Tibia, but there are other interesting creatures shrouded in mystery, almost mythical. One of them is desired by many mount Midnight Panther, which is still shrouded in mystery, even though so many years have passed!

We also have something for Zathroth Library fans. Who among high-level characters doesn’t know these monsters? Probably everyone knows them! But in Asenat’s interpretation they are much cooler, compared to the ones you die by in the game, aren’t they?

Finally, it’s time for the classics! Medusa, the terror of many players over the years. Doesn’t it look impressive in Maria’s interpretation?

If you like her work, be sure to visit her profile on Instagram where you can find her work!

Instagram: @tukekedigital

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