Character: Aynnah

Server: Talera

You can see her sprites during contests for the best design of a fansite item.

Although Aynnah doesn’t have many years of experience, her work quickly won the hearts of viewers and her first competitions resulted in places on the podium.

She is know as the designer of Wicked Witch – the fansite item of TibiaLabs.com!

You see a wicked witch.

It weighs 19.90 oz.

She was one of Ferumbras’ former students at the Noodles Academy. Awarded by TibiaLabs.com.

“A pinch of voodoo lily pollen, a drop of frozen tear and swirl to combine.”

“Do you want to learn forbidden magic?”

“Every scientist is mad, just like Kirok.”

“Hail TibiaLabs.com!”

“I’ve put a spell on you, <Player>.”

“Trouble, trouble, cauldron bubble!”

Instagram: @aynnah_

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