Bosshunter’s Decorations Contest 2023

Everyone knows that boss hunting is an adventure for years! The same goes for decorating houses. Once you start, you never have enough! So we decided to combine these two activities in a unique way.

On the occasion of the seventh birthday of, in cooperation with, we organized for you a special event full of great fun and attractive prizes! This year we invite you, dear boss-hunters, to beautify your houses using something you love the most, i.e. your favorite bosses. Fancy skilling up on your Excercise Dummy in the middle of the jungle in the company of The Welter himself? Or would you rather have your bed standing in the middle of an ice chamber guarded by Melting Frozen Horror together with Hirintror?

Get to work decorators!

PS. Just be careful that Furyosa won’t burn down your house in anger! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Examples of Decorations:

“Christmas” – winter garden decoration with the boss Hirintror, designed by Makadamia (Bona)


1st place:

Golden Warrior Trophy + Heavy Medal + Crunor’s Heart

2nd place:

Silver Warrior Trophy + Hero’s Medal + Nightmare Doll

3rd place:

Bronze Warrior Trophy + Badge of Glory + Blue Sphere


  1. You can submit your contest entries in the following period: from the announcement of the contest on April 3 to the server safe (10:00 CEST) on 30 April.
  2. Your decoration must include a minimum of 1 boss image. The maximum number is arbitrary.
  3. Your decoration must be dedicated to the chosen boss. You can accomplish this through the same color scheme, for example, or treat the decoration thematically, such as Hairman The Huge/The Welter – a jungle-related arrangement, King Chuck – accessories suitable for an Orcsoberfest Event, Hirintror/Ocyakao – a winter arrangement.
  4. The decoration should be prepared exclusively for the occasion of this contest. If we catch participants trying to cheat (using their older decoration unchanged) it will result in lifetime disqualification from contests organized by and
  5. You should submit two versions of screenshots. One with the text spoken by your character: โ€œ & โ€“ Bosshunter’s Decorations 2023โ€. The other one should be without this text.
  6. Only regular house decorations will be accepted. Decorations depicting various complex shapes or characters (for example image depicting a particular boss made of objects arranged in its shape) will not be considered.
  7. Using items from the Tibia Store is allowed.
  8. Add your characterโ€™s nickname and server in the post with the submitted screenshots.
  9. One participant can send any number of decorations, but each must be posted in a separate post.
  10. One participant can win only one prize.
  11. Edits of screenshots will be accepted in the form of expanding the area of the game window. Any kind of additional graphics decoration, framing, or editing of the content of the screenshots is not allowed.
  12. Decorations created on OTS or in graphic programs will be disqualified.
  13. and team members are not allowed to participate in the contest.
  14. Please post your decorations in the Tibia Fanart Discord server, on the channel #bosshunter’s decorations 2023.
    Not a member yet? Join us!
  15. Please post any questions about the contest on the #questions channel below the contest channel.
  16. Decorations will be judged on their overall appearance, so pay attention to how your decoration looks (whether the color scheme is not accidental, whether the stacks of items are well thought out and do not create a mess). Creativity will be an advantage.
  17. The site admin (Makadamia) will post a reaction below each submission to let you know whether your decoration is valid โค๏ธ๏ธ or invalid ๐Ÿ’”.
  18. Participation in the “Bosshunter’s Decorations Contest 2023” implies permission for to use the attached decorations.

PRO TIP: Make sure to save your screenshots in .png format. Such images retain much better quality!


The most beautiful decorations will be featured in our article โ€œBosshunter’s Decorationsโ€, which we will publish in the future!


The crews of and would like to thank you for participating in the contest! Watching your works is a great pleasure for us, and we will certainly have the honor to present some of them in the article “Bosshunter’s Decorations”, which will soon appear on!

In order to express our gratitude, we decided to expand the prize pool to 7 places! Thank you! ๐Ÿ’•

4th place:

100 TC + Elven Trophy + Silver/Golden Rune Emblem of choice,

5th place:

100 TC + Shrunken Head Necklace + Silver/Golden Rune Emblem of choice,

6th place:

50 TC + Silver/Golden Rune Emblem of choice,

7th place:

Silver/Golden Rune Emblem of choice,


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