RESULTS: Bosshunter’s Decorations Contest 2023

The day has come to announce the results of our “Bosshunter’s Decorations” Contest 2023!

We would like to thank you all once again for having fun along with us, for your huge commitment, and for so many beautiful entries that, regardless of the results, have become an inspiration for other boss hunters and decorators across the game!

As many as 22 works took part in the final. Nine members of the and crews, three Community Managers, and eleven admins of various fansites took part in selecting the final works. Although it was really difficult to decide on the winners, we collectively decided that:

1st place – Monzcarro Murcatto

2nd place – Bijou Kidi

3rd place – Paollah

4th placeKriizs

5th place – Tynusiiaa

6th place – Milny

7th place – Arcai

Congratulations! We hope you had a great time. See you in the next competition! ❤️️

Makadamia admin.

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