Decoration Shana

Character: Myshana

Server: Havera

Myshana is one of the popular Tibian house decorators, whose works are eye-catching with their beautiful vivid colors. When passing by her house, it is simply impossible not to pay attention to her decorations.

Below is her amazing decoration straight from Edron:

Each of her variations is based not only on creating unique stacks of objects that she arranges in different shapes but on combining a lot of colors so that her decoration resembles a dreamland. Greys and beiges are definitely not her style.

Same house, different decorations:

As befits a fan of such vivid colors – pink and purple are definitely some of her favorite shades. So as long as you love these colors as much as Myshana does, you can go ahead and get inspired by her designs!

Heart-shaped decoration in a pretty similar color scheme:

How do you like it? If you liked this decoration, you should also like the new version!

Finally, it’s time to use the popular water motif, which takes on a completely new vibe in this arrangement! As always, the beautiful choice of colors combined with the style of the magical Feyrist forest, colorful trees and mushrooms gave a fantastic effect. Bravo Shana!

Below is one of Shana’s latest decorations prepared especially to celebrate the arrival of a new guest to her mansion, an adorable unicorn – Luna! What fabulous colors!

Want to see more colorful decorations? Be sure to follow her on social media!

Instagram: @decorationshana

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