Character: Divine’Angel

Server: Antica

Kasia, known in the Tibia world as Divine’Angel certainly deserves to be called a pioneer among house decorators. She took her first steps in this field back in 2010-2014 when players could only dream of such a large selection of decorative items for their homes. It was in those years when most players preferred the classic and safe stacks: “Thick Trunk + Blood Herb + Talons” in her house you could find Areca Palms, Ficus Benjamina, popular Leaves, or corpses of various creatures used as decoration.

Her later work was not only based on decorating, but also creating many tutorials related to decorating, which you can find on the YouTube platform.

Divine’Angel’s current interests go far beyond decorating Tibia houses – they include playing with colors and creating her own furniture sets and arrangements, that would not be possible in-game, using Photoshop. Check out her “Rainbow Project” below and you’ll see how original her works are!

You can also see some of her pixel-art items below:

A piano in Tibia? No problem!

You can also see the outfit concept here, in which you can see her unique style. Soft pastel colors combined with purple, flowers, femininity. This is something you will recognize Divine’Angel by.

Let’s move on to something Kasia has become most famous for over the years – house decorations! This one is definitely our favorite! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Edron, Wood Avenue 11

Other shots of individual rooms:

Are you curious about other arrangements for the same house? Check out the screenshots below. You will find both decorations in a similar color scheme, as well as those with the theme of a specific color!

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

Ankrahmun, Low Waters Observatory

Carlin, Lonely Sea Side Hostel

Some shots and video from the house that Divine’Angel owned for much of her playing years. that was the field for her first decorations and the development of her interest.

Venore, Lucky Lane 1

An amazing forest, full of exotic flora and wildlife. Decorating with leaves is something Kasia has been famous for years!

If you dream of a similar decoration, Divine’Angel’s forest can definitely serve as a model to follow.

While the earth decoration is shown above, here you see a decoration that imitates a cloudy sky using shiny items to give the impression of stars.

Finally, you can admire one of the many decorations on the first floor of this cottage, done over the years.

And what do her latest decorations look like? Check for yourself: when Norelli lent Kasi the roof on her Snake’s Tower guildhall, another beautiful decoration was created. As befits Divine’Angel, all in soft pink colors, though this time accented with slightly darker tones of brown and green. Seemingly similar to the rest of her designs, but how original!

And here’s the latest decoration Kasia has done at her Liberty Bay house. Floral Set matches perfectly her style, so the effect is once again wonderful!

Remember to visit Kasia on her YouTube channel for lots of tips from her videos, and check out her social media for more inspiring and colorful decorations!

Instagram: @0h_divine

And if you are curious how the adventure of decorating houses in Tibia looks from her perspective and what interesting things such a talented decorator has to say, then be sure to read the interview with Divine’Angel herself!

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