Character: Dnacrons

Server: Bona

Dnacrons is undoubtedly one of the forerunners of Tibian fanart with achievements that have gone down in the history of the game.

Even if you’ve only been playing Tibia for a short time, you’re probably familiar with the artwork for one of the fansite items, “Imortus” – which used to represent Exhiti and now is widely available as an exchange for Silver Raid Tokens.

He created not only the sprite but also the entire concept of the item!

How about Carlin’s fantastic city projection? His work looks like professional concept art!

Although contests organized by fansites used to be not as popular as they are now, Carlos managed to win the first wallpaper contest hosted by TibiaBariloche.com.ar. In those years, this success was quite an achievement!

Also, take a peek at some of his other artworks. They are all very inspiring, no doubt.

Below you can see his brilliant pencil sketch depicting the dwarven god, Durin. It is simply masterful. This is one of those works that was created years ago and is still on the minds of many old-school Tibians today.

He is a true legend among all Tibia fanart! Be sure to visit his social media profile:

DeviantART: https://www.deviantart.com/dnacron

Although at that time 3D designs were not yet as popular as they are today, Carlos tried his hand at designing a monster popular in the Tibia world – the “Quara Constrictor”. The deep-sea monster famous for its tentacles hanging from the mouth undoubtedly charmed a lot of players. If you are interested in the process of creating this creature, you can watch an interesting video on YouTube:

You can read more about him in the article: “Tibian Artists: A Humble Recognition To Undestimated Heroes”.

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