Fansite Appreciation Day: Craft a Fansite Item!

Tibian Fansite Programme has been implemented on March 24, 2005. For over sixteen years official promoted and supported fansites provide you with information related to your favorite MMORPG in various languages and forms. Every day, dozens of volunteers present guides, spoilers, and entertainment content in the form of encyclopedias, podcasts, videos, or images. Their often underestimated work gives players the opportunity to develop their characters in an easier and faster way, and delve into the mysteries of the game. Thanks to them we can feel the unique spirit of Tibia and build a great community!

To celebrate this special anniversary CipSoft together with the admins of fansites prepared an amazing event, in which your task was to create a fansite item of your choice in real-life!

In this article, I want to present all these beautiful fan arts with the authors who decided to take part in this contest, got creative, and did a great job!


Letโ€™s now take a look at the basic rules of this contest and briefly discuss them:

  1. Craft a fansite item of any active, promoted, or supported fansite in real life from any materials you wish. You can see a list of all possible fansite items here.
  2. Take a picture of what you have crafted, including a label containing your character name and the current date.
  3. You can submit this picture until April 18, 2021, 23:59 CEST on one of the following fansites:

It means, that participants could use literally everything to create their favorite item. It could be in a form of a plushie, figurine made of clay, polymer clay, cold porcelain, 3D print, paper mache, etc. Endless ways to present the ideas.

Did it make the contest easier? – It depends.

Each participant could choose the material with which they feel best and thanks to which their work might look as good as possible. It’s obvious – some people feel confident in sculpting, others love to sew.

On the other hand, such broad rules that not restrict the choices in any way can lead to a lot of confusion. Should participants focus on creating a good-looking item? Or maybe more important is crafting an item in a creative way (using unusual materials)? Should it look exactly like the item in-game or the more our own interpretations the better? What makes the submission attractive? That’s the question.

One thing is for sure, each contest participant put a lot of passion and commitment into his work, spending time in an interesting way.


Adamant Shield (

Black Knight Doll (

Crunor’s Heart (

Dark Wizard’s Crown (

Epaminondas Doll (

Ferumbras Doll (

Heavily Bound Book (

Journal Shield (

Love Elixir (

Majestic Shield (

Midnight Panther Doll (

Mini NabBot (

Omniscient Owl (

Shield of Destiny (

The Epic Wisdom (

Tibiapedia (

War Backpack (

Wicked Witch (

Last but not least – The Epic Wisdom made by Paollah. Unfortunately, as an admin of, she couldn’t take part in the contest, but her figurine of the famous hat looks brilliant and it’s definitely worth presenting it!

Paollah made it using Super Sculpey, baked it, and painted it with acrylic paints.



We can agree with the results or not. We can like each submission more or less. It is all matter of taste. Admins of fansites and CipSoft community managers undoubtedly had a difficult task – to choose the winners.

What is the most important – the artworks of the top 5 was presented on the main Tibia website, which is a very rare form of rewarding players and therefore a huge honour for them.


Books, shields, helmets, dolls, or even flowers… The types of items to choose from were really varied, which made it possible to use a huge amount of different techniques, like sewing, knitting, sculpting, or painting. Participants combined with a lot of creativity all these styles and presented us artworks full of unique ideas, commitment, and passion.

What is the most important – all these submissions are proof of a nice time and fun. The results are just great! May there be as many events of this type as possible!

What is your favorite technique of crafting items in real life?

What is your favorite submission?

Share your experience, leave feedback and see you in the next contest! ๐Ÿ™‚

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