Fansite Appreciation Day: Dress Like a Boss!

This is already a tradition. As every year, the last week of March and the beginning of April is the time to celebrate the close relationship between Tibia and Tibia fansites. It is thanks to them that players have access to many interesting articles, helpful guides, and inspiring content every day.

March 24, 2022, is the exact date of the 15th anniversary of the Fansite Programme and on this occasion, CipSoft, together with fansites’ administrators, has organized an unusual contest. This time the participants’ task was to impersonate for a moment the role of … boss! The fantastic event involving the creation of unusual disguises lasted two weeks. During that time many amazing costumes were sent, which we wanted to present to you in this summary!

Each fansite taking part in the event was tasked with choosing one particular boss. Participants wishing to win an item representing the fansite had to dress up as the chosen boss and, following the rules, present photos of the creating process and, most importantly, the final one with the possible arrangement!

The following fansites participated in the competition:

SUBMISSIONS has chosen a popular pirate boss – Lethal Lissy. was represented by Dharalion, an elf boss you can meet in Shadowthorn: has chosen a boss – Librarian. was represented in the contest by the legendary Yeti.

Drume was a boss representing

Tibia Live (Tibia.Space) gave participants a tough challenge and chose Devovorga. has chosen one of the mini-bosses – The Dread Maiden, known from Feaster of Souls Quest as their representative. has chosen the cold climate of the Ice Islands and the boss Zushuka! has been represented by the evil Ferumbras for years, and it happened this time too! has decided to pick the lovely Ocyakao. chose Willi Wasp hoping for creative costumes. gave participants an interesting challenge by choosing Azerus as their representative boss. chose The Last Lore Keeper known for Forgotten Knowledge Quest.


All the disguises undoubtedly required a huge amount of input, unfortunately, each fansite could only choose one winner. Here they are!



One more contest was part of the celebrations. has challenged players to create an item with their own hands while telling an amazingly engaging story about it in their Tell Tales Contest. Two players took part in this task, and as a result, they were both winners! Check out their stories and the items they have created:

Sir Xancis (Vunira)
Psykeeh (Havera)

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