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Hall of Fame for decorators already on!

The first phase of the expansion of the “Hall of Fame” section is behind us! 9 decorators are now available. All of them have been assigned to the categories corresponding to their style.

We have created the following categories:

  • Amazing Florists
  • Light Magicians
  • Lords of Colors
  • Nature Enthusiasts
  • Pink Lovers
  • Shapes Creators
  • Rare Collectors
  • Spooky Decorators

What’s next?

In the second phase of development, we plan to add new decorators who have not yet graced our site, and who are missing among us, to make TibiaFanart even more beautiful!

The third and final phase of building the “Hall of Fame” is to divide the subpages of players who are involved in both fanart and decoration. They will have separate sub-pages dedicated to fanart and separate pages dedicated to their decorations. You can find all these players at this point in the “Artists” section under “ARTISTS’ HUB”.

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