Holy Mijeman

Character: Lord Mijeman

Server: Calmera

This guy is an absolute precursor of Tibia fan art!

He is one of the winners of the first Tibia Fansite Item Contest. He designed this very popular item:

You see a golden newspaper.

It weighs 24.00 oz.

Tibia’s most amazing news can be read in it. It was awarded for winning a TibiaNews contest.

“It’s news to me!”

“News, updated as infrequently as possible!”

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”

“Fresh off the press!”

Apart from the legendary fansite item, Holy Mijeman is also the author of sketches depicting characters from the game Tibia, which are very popular among players.


All of sketches are rescued from TibiaCity fansite by Lupus Aurelius, and published in his article on TibiaRoyal:


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