Honourable Knight of Honera

Joel, better known to players as Honourable Knight of Honera is a true legend among Tibian artists, and his artistic output would be hard to describe in a few sentences!

Do you know this style from somewhere? Yes, that’s Joel!

From around 2010 to 2015, you might have seen him in competitions organized by fan sites. His works have always inspired great admiration and without a doubt stood out for their quality and wide color palette.

Below you can see his logo made for Tibia Wiki (now Tibia Fandom) for which he won second place!


It must be mentioned that the Honourable Knight of Honera is the author of two official fansite items and many other great sprites!

The first one is well known among players Memory Box! Over the years, this item has been revised by the author himself, who was originally not happy with the result. The final version looks great!

The second item is a Goromaphone originally designed for the RadioGoroma.com.br fansite:

He is also the author of the concept of creating sister shields to the Shield of Corruption for knights wielding the axe and mace!

Below you will find a few other sprites by him and even though they were created many years ago, they are still very impressive!

Contests and sprites are definitely areas where he’s hard to match, but Joel has also created a ton of drawings for players!

Here one of his favorite hand drawings:

At first, he used to make scans of hand drawings, but as time went on Joel got into digital drawing, which was a milestone in his work as a Tibian artist.

The number of images speaks for itself – players loved his work!

You could also admire his drawings as avatars on the ex-fansite TibiaRoyal.com, where he was a graphic designer.

Joel was also known for his sense of humor. He has written sketches depicting fun facts from the world of Tibia:

Would you have paid attention to it without having seen the drawing before? ๐Ÿ˜‰

 He also created a very good and funny video, winner of the video competition called โ€œTibiaML vs. TibiaCityโ€, you can enjoy it here:

Unfortunately, in 2019, due to a different vision for the game’s development and increasing complications caused by server merging, this highly respected player decided to end his adventure with Tibia. We are left with his wonderful work, which you can see on his still existing Facebook fanpage at this link:



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