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Interview with Rejana, CipSoft’s Community Manager is now available!

We are pleased to present you with an exclusive interview we conducted with a CipSoft member – Rejana. Such opportunities do not happen often, so we tried to make the most of it and talk about issues that move, excite, and often arouse a lot of controversy among players!

What did we talk about in this interview?

Rejana coordinates the fansite programme, a project that connects all fansites created by players for players. For years, many gossips have swirled around this project, which over time have given rise to much public drama and slanders. Together we have tried to rationalize many of the issues that have been controversial so far. We talked about the programme, fansites, items representing them, contests, criticism… and, of course, fanart! If you are curious about the facts on this subject and would like to know what the fansite programme looks like from behind the scenes through the eyes of its coordinator – then we invite you to read!

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