Ipaminondas Arte

In real life a father, husband, and author of amazing caricatures.

Instagram: @ipaminondas.arte

On his Instagram profile, you can find quite a lot of drawings related to Rookgaard and rookstayers’ adventures! It can be said that this theme is his great interest, so it has become dominant in his work.

Are you looking forward to seeing more art?

Do you remember your first fight on Rookgaard? This drawing is truly nostalgic.

Tibia players vs. COVID-19:

The virus has no chance!

Another scene from Rookgaard village center. It is worth mentioning that this graphic was the most liked piece of art by the TibiaFanart.com community on Instagram in 2021. This is undoubtedly a big success!

And if you like sunsets and relaxing on the Rookgaard, you will also like this drawing:

Roberto shows his passion for Roogaard like a true artist not from today! But he is also not silent on controversial issues, such as bug abuse or the actions of popular rookstayers. This is how he took part in the discussion of the famous in 2022 bug allowing items to be transferred from the Mainland to Rookgaard.

You may agree with his opinion or not, but the form of presenting his views was very much to our liking!

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