Character: Kriiz Meow

Server: Havera

You can meet Kriizs during many contests organized by Tibia fansites. She has won many contests, as her works are very imaginative and well-crafted.

Her drawings are never “just drawings”, Kriizs uses different layers to make the artwork multi-dimensional, colored cardboards, metallic embellishments, resulting in a beautiful multi-colored collage.

Her extremely strong point is to make figures, not only from polymer clay but also from sugar paste! Decorating cakes is a small thing for her! And sometimes it’s hard to believe, but what you see below are actually cakes! – Tibian Bakery Contest 2022

Check out other shots and artwork created by this incredibly talented and creative girl:

Kriizs is not only a great drawer and figurine maker, but she also has a strong passion for decorating Tibia houses and creating patterns and images using various in-game items!

Just take a look at this beautiful anniversary decoration!