Character: Kriiz Meow

Server: Havera

You can meet Kriizs during many contests organized by Tibia fansites. She has won many contests, as her works are very imaginative and well-crafted.

Her drawings are never “just drawings”, Kriizs uses different layers to make the artwork multi-dimensional, with colored cardboards, and metallic embellishments, resulting in a beautiful multi-colored collage.

Another great example is the artwork done for The Wild Wedding Contest 2022 in celebration of the collaboration between,, and

VivaTibia – Magic and Creativity Contest 2022

Collages are definitely something that Kriiz does brilliant, but not only that!

Her other extremely strong point is to make figurines, not only from polymer clay but also from sugar paste! Decorating cakes is a small thing for her! And sometimes it’s hard to believe, but what you see below are actually cakes! – Tibian Bakery Contest 2022 – Boss In The Egg Contest 2022

Check out other shots and artwork created by this incredibly talented and creative girl:

Kriizs is not only a great drawer and figurine maker, but she also has a strong passion for decorating Tibia houses and creating patterns and images using various in-game items!

Just take a look at this beautiful anniversary decoration!

Another arrangement of the same house. It’s wonderful that a town like Rathleton, seemingly dark and dreary becomes so beautiful with her ideas. May there be more such inspiring decorations.

Are you curious what Kriiz herself says about the fanart and competitions? Be sure to read the interview with her!

Also visit her on social media, where you can see a lot of her outstanding artwork and interesting adventures from Tibia:

Instagram: @kriiz.ed