Character: Kriizs

Server: Lobera

If you are interested in fanart or contests organized by fansites, especially those based on manual and artistic works, then Kriiz is a star in this field! She has achieved a lot of success in this field, her house presents a lot of trophies for reaching the podium, and her artwork continues to delight long after the contest is over!

Her drawings are never “just drawings”, Kriizs uses different layers to make the artwork multi-dimensional, with colored cardboards, and metallic embellishments, resulting in a beautiful multi-colored collage.

The way to create multi-layered drawings works perfectly for occasional postcards! A good example is the artwork done for “The Wild Wedding” contest 2022 in celebration of the collaboration between,, and

The creativity of this druid is best demonstrated by one of the latest contest entries made for The task of the participants was to create a drawing to fit the story, but it was she who showed a brilliant idea to illustrate her story on paper in the shape of… a hat! A fantastic solution!

VivaTibia – Magic and Creativity Contest 2022

Collages are definitely something that Kriiz does brilliantly, but not only that! But not only in this she is more than great! Kriiz professionally deals with artistically decorated baked goods, which is a natural consequence of her great talent for creating figurines and sculptures. Her competition works inspired awe and fear in the eyes of her competitors at the same time! đŸ˜‰ And we are not surprised at all!

The figures and sculptures are no surprise. But how about figures and items created from edible sugar paste and wafers? It is not only possible, but in its execution additionally exceptionally beautiful! We are delighted with the result. And it would be a shame to eat such a wonderful masterpiece!

Just see how beautifully decorated cakes are created by Kriiz! Interesting ideas, rich in detail, created with attention to impressive presentation. – Tibian Bakery Contest 2022

And another sculpture, which, admittedly, this time is not edible, but very imaginative. Although the theme of the contest was not simple and left a huge scope for the creativity of the participants, Kriiz nailed it! – Boss In The Egg Contest 2022

Check out other shots and artwork created by this incredibly talented girl:

Are you curious what Kriiz herself says about the fanart and competitions? Be sure to read the interview with her!

Also visit her on social media, where you can see a lot of her outstanding artwork and interesting adventures from Tibia:

Instagram: @kriiz.ed

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