Lupus Aurelius

Character: Lupus Aurelius

Server: Talera

In real life, Esteban is a lawyer, but in the world of Tibia, he became known as an artist with great passion, a huge body of work, and many achievements!

Lupus Aurelius is a designer of the concept of Demon Boots. The sprite never became a part of the game, but this interesting concept was appreciated by the Tibia community!

You could meet him in many different contests organized by fansites: – Draw Your Favourite Boss Contest 2019

His work is not only event entries, but also graphics for Tibia-related websites!

He was an administrator and graphic designer of the ex-fansite TibiaBariloche. The website logo is his authorship.

Are you curious what else he has designed?

He is also the author of the TibiaRoyal logo together with the graphics that you can see in the background of the website.

Lupus Aurelius also won two fansite banner contests!

Each of his contest entries is not only beautiful artwork but also decorative graphics and lettering made to emphasize the style of his designs. Such details and additions make each of his artworks full of passion and commitment.

All of his drawings are pieces of art but his most successful works are those connected to pixel art. He has come t perfection and is definitely one of the best sprite creators known among players.

  • Mathmaster Shield (2012)
  • Noble Sword (2012)
  • Black Knight Doll (2014)
  • Assassin Doll (2015)
  • Dark Wizard’s Crown (2015)
  • Shield of Destiny (2015)
  • Crunor’s Heart (2018)
  • Bella Bonecrusher’s Doll (2021)
  • Bonelord Tome (2021)

Also, check out his unused sprites (or the same ones with different animation), because they are still an amazing piece of art!

In 2013 he gave an interview for TibiaRoyal, which you can find here:

Lupus Aurelius is also an author of the amazing article published on TibiaRoyal about artists known from Tibia-related artworks!

“Tibian Artists – Understimated Heroes”, 2014—understimated-heroes/