Lux 3D

Fabio specializes in making things (whether figurines, busts, or small keychains) through 3D printing. Each one is then hand-painted, resulting in the extraordinary outcome of extremely realistic figures and equipment. This makes his work above average and stand out from the rest!

Lux 3D

His body of work is simply brilliant. Check out more of his figurines and key chains:


If you like his work, we have some really fantastic news. Each of these figures is available in the store:

What’s more, this store offers international shipping. So no matter where you are from – you too can become the new owner of his fantastic artworks.

And below we present some of his works in close-up. Each one is very impressive and related to some legendary object and story in Tibia. This only adds to their charm and old-school feel.

Do you like his artworks? Support him and buy your won collection of Tibia figurines! You can also buy a keyring with one of the runes from Tibia! His offerings are getting wider and wider and the quality of work done is top-notch.

Visit his official website:

Lux 3D

Ferumbras’ Hat – the most wanted item in the game, although possessed by many players, is still hugely valuable after all these years. Fabio additionally created an entire arrangement referring to the citadel of this dark mage. There are the famous pillars attacking players and evidence of Ferumbras’ downfall in the form of a broken staff. Isn’t it an interesting idea?


Golden Helmet – this is another proposal of a valuable armament. Ages ago possible to acquire by looting from Warlock. Now shrouded in many legends, new players are mainly associated with its skyrocketing price!

Lux 3D

Blessed Shield, Crown, and Magic Longsword – there are only single copies of these items throughout the game, so it’s not hard to imagine that they are the real legends. Many players feel a thrill just seeing these items through the wall of the house, and they dare not dream of owning them. But we all can own a version of these items in real life!

Lux 3D

Thunder Hammer – this is a weapon that can be obtained by defeating archdemons and is a symbol of great strength! Although it has been in the game for many years and has no function other than that of decoration, it still fetches a high price, and its sight in someone else’s house is not very common. Despite the passage of years, this rare item still inspires admiration and brings back many memories.

Lux 3D

Boots of Haste – what are they doing in this legendary list? Oh, maybe some of you don’t remember these times, but many years ago these boots were the dream of practically every player, and losing them in death caused enormous frustration. It was these shoes that were the first dream of Tibia players and a stepping stone to better play.

Lux 3D
Lux 3D

Do you remember your first Demon? Did you kill him or did he kill you? Regardless of the outcome of that skirmish, you can commemorate it by choosing a demon bust! You can see the concept graphic and the final result above.

If you want to keep up to date with the news this artist has made for you, follow him on Instagram as well!


Instagram: @lux3dme

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