Lux 3D

Fabio specializes in making objects (whether figurines, busts or small keychains) through 3D printing. Each one is then hand-painted, resulting in the extraordinary outcome of extremely realistic figures and equipment. This makes his works above average and stand out from the rest!

Instagram: @lux3dme

His body of work is simply brilliant. Check out more of his figurines and key chains:

A fantastic arrangement of Ferumbras’ Hat – the most desired item by all players and at the same time still (despite the passage of years) the most expensive addon.

You can also find him on Reddit:

Do you like his artworks? Support him and buy your won collection of Tibia figurines! You can also buy a keyring with one of the runes from Tibia! His offerings are getting wider and wider and the quality of work done is top-notch.

Visit his official website:

Figurine of the legendary Golden Helmet:

One more legendary item, which years ago was the dream of many players – Boots of Haste:

Amazing version of Thunder Hammer:

Do you remember your first Demon? Did you kill him or did he kill you? Regardless of the outcome of that skirmish, you can commemorate it by choosing a demon bust! You can see the concept graphic below:

And here is the final result:

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