Character: Makadamia

Server: Bona

Maja is an active member and founder of two fansites – and She is known mainly as a fansite items creator and participant in contests organized by different fansites, where she publishes pixel art sprites, drawings, figurines made out of polymer clay, and sometimes even crafting or house decorations.

Her biggest popularity came from her pixel art designs, a good part of which made it into the game as items representing various fansites! – Fansite Item Contest 2021

One of the most loved projects by the community, which took 2nd place in the lottery of players’ most wanted items (Fansite Appreciation Day 2022).

A version with slightly altered animation was introduced to the game. – Fansite Item Contest 2022

The concept of the contest was to create a beaver (a pet associated with intelligence) wearing a shirt and with a calculator – symbolizing the many tools for calculating statistics in Tibia. – Fansite Item Contest 2020
A contest in which Makadamia had as many as 6 different ideas for an item.
Above you can see a compilation of all three sprites designed by her featuring cats. They are only 32×32 pixels, and each one is completely different from the others!

In Tibia, you will find as many as 13 items designed by Makadamia. And as a result, she broke the record for the number of sprites introduced into the game created by the player.

  • Midnight Panther Doll (2014)
  • Adamant Shield (2018)
  • Omniscient Owl (2019)
  • Love Elixir (2020)
  • Baby Munster (2020)
  • Tibiapedia (2020)
  • Chaos Critical Dice (2021)
  • White Lion Doll (2021)
  • Magic Hat (2021)
  • Luna (2021)
  • Draptor Doll (2022)
  • Yeti Doll (2022)
  • Epaminondas Doll (2023)
  • Duality Doll (2023)
  • The Dragon Spirit (2023)

Below are some of her other sprites, that have not been implemented into the game (did not take first place in a “Fansite Item” contest, or were created without occasion, purely for fun). Graphics are presented chronologically, starting with the oldest and ending with the newest.

And here is probably her career highlight sprite, created to represent the website as an in-game fansite item. You can read more about this doll in her article – “Yeti Doll”:

stage 1
stage 2

However, her creations are not only 32×32 pixel items. Maja sometimes tries her hand at fewer standard sizes to design headlines for articles, etc.

If you’re interested in her other sprites and their history – stop by her Instagram dedicated solely to pixel art!

Instagram: @makadamia.pixelart

Over the years, Makadamia has also won many awards in fansite contests for her drawings, which stand out for their rich colors and imagination! Often the drawing is enhanced with watercolor paint or many other artistic techniques to create an interesting collage. – Special Christmas Contest 2021

Check out the other drawings and collages she’s done, as the collection is quite large: – Draw a NabBot Contest 2020 – Eventholder’s Girlfriend Contest 2020 & – Christmas Postcard Contest 2020

Below is her latest drawing done for for the “Magic and Creativity” contest in 2022. This time something in a completely different style than usual – a chibi character in a color scheme directly related to the fansite item she designed – “Magic Hat”.

Her great passion is modeling with FIMO polymer clay, which results in a variety of colorful figurines that win recognition among players during competitions. – Fansite Appreciation Day: Craft a Fansite Item Contest 2021

How do you like her interpretation of the fansite items: Midnight Panther Doll, Wicked Witch, and Omniscient Owl? It is worth mentioning that the witch won second place in the competition. – Xena Meets Luna Contest 2020

Top view of Luna, a sitting unicorn representing the website, with visible details – roses in her mane and tail.

See also other shots and her other figures prepared for other competitions:

Occasionally, Makadamia also tries her hand at contests to create something out of unusual things. Below is a wedding bouquet made from recycled materials for “The Wild Wedding” contest organized by,, and

She used empty Pepsi cans, mineral water bottles, and candy wrappers, to make it!

She publishes her Tibia adventures on her life thread on TibiaBosses and Instagram, while all of her artworks you can find on her DeviantART account!

Instagram: @pochwalona


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