Character: Makadamia

Server: Bona

She is known mainly from fansites contests, where she publishes sprites, drawings and sometimes figurines made out of polymer clay.

Check out the rest of her contests artworks!

She also designed some items implemented into the game:

  • Midnight Panther Doll (2014)
  • Adamant Shield (2018)
  • Omniscient Owl (2019)
  • Love Elixir (2020)
  • Baby Munster (2020)
  • Tibiapedia (2020)
  • Chaos Critical Dice (2021)
  • White Lion Doll (2021)
  • Magic Hat (2021)
  • Luna (2021)
  • Draptor Doll (2021)

Some of her other sprites, which didn’t place on the podium in contests, are presented below:

Sprites prepared for the Fansite Item Contest 2021 organized by

She publishes her Tibia adventures on her life thread on TibiaBosses and Instagram, while all of her artworks you can find on her DeviantART account!

Instagram: @pochwalona

DeviantART: & – Christmas Postcard Contest 2020

Here you can see an animation of one of the items she designed (Chason Critical Dice – fansite item represents – Fansite Appreciation Day: Craft a Fansite Item Contest 2021 – Fansite Item Contest 2021 – Fansite Item Contest 2021

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