Character: Mikolaj

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Mikoล‚aj is one of the famous decorators in the Tibaiacommunity, who has many beautiful decorations to his credit. He decorates houses both on his own and with friends. Anyway, see for yourself what he has created!

Also, take a look at the beautiful Caretaker’s Residence in Carlin:

It’s not hard to see that Mikolaj’s favorite colors are greens combined with browns. These natural colors in his work wonderfully decorate any interior he decorates.

One more house straight from Carlin:

We absolutely love the color scheme – straight from the depths of the forests! Perfect for the color of nature fans.

Do you like his style? Here you can see some results of the collaboration between Norelli & Mikolaj:

The same house, but this time decorated in a different way:

If you like these decorations, be sure to drop by his social media!

Instagram: @mikolaj_charlover

Of course, see also the rest of his beautiful decorations. Who knows! Maybe his work will inspire you to decorate your houses too!

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

But wait a minute! It’s not over yet! Although Mikoล‚aj is really an experienced decorator, he also expresses his creativity by sculpting in clay!

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