Mythmine is one of the most talented recognizers among decorators. Although she was previously very active in the sphere of competitions organized by fansites creating beautiful artwork, players primarily associate her with exceptionally beautiful house decorations!

Check out the gallery of her beautiful decorations below. Each of them is very impressive, distinguished by a seemingly chaotic arrangement of items, which, however, as a whole, presents unique and colorful compositions.

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On the screenshot below you can see her unique style of decorating houses, which is admired by many players who appreciate the appearance of their tibian homes.ย The choice of colors: dark green, white and red accents is not an easy one, yet Mythmine has made this one of the most popular arrangements among decorators!

The house below you may have passed on Secura. This girl’s decorations evoke such a positive reception in the Tibia community that she often does custom arrangements for players.

Staying a while on Edron and the theme of collectors’ houses, we have another decoration for you, which proves that despite the absence of the famous Areca Palm or Ficus Benjamina, it is possible to plan and create a distinctive house, rich in details and colors!

In her decorations created so far, you will also find a house in Rathleton, where she proved that this town does not have to be gloomy at all, and gives great scope for colorful, floral decorations despite the absence of the much-loved and well-known ” leaves “.

Rathleton, however, compared to the decorations on Liberty Bay, where there are so few pushable objects that can serve us for possible ideas is nothing! Despite many inconveniences, Mythmine still creates exceptionally colorful decorations in this city that is difficult from a decorator’s point of view. This one below in pirate style. How do you like it? We love it!

From the warm climes of Liberty Bay, we will also take a magical journey into the depths of the ice islands, where south of the city of Svargrond, Mythmine has created her next iconic decoration. A house entirely carved out of ice definitely could not have been a simple task. Nevertheless, the effect is mind-blowing!

We have already mentioned to you that Mythmine used to be often found on the occasion of art contests. Fortunately for enthusiasts of all the beautiful houses in Tibia, we can still occasionally come across her in contests based… precisely on house decorations!

On the right is her proposal for a Valentine’s Day decoration, prepared for the contest organized by “Valentine’s Day Decorations” contest 2023.

Note this perfect choice of lighting! Nothing is random in these arrangements, and for that how much we admire.

If you like her style, full of color and unique ideas, stop by here from time to time. Who knows, we may just happen to update this profile with more inspiring works!

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