Graphics, logos, drawings, decorations! Everything she created looks stunning! However, among gamers, she became famous mostly for the house decorations that she makes for her friends. Take a look at just a few of them and you’ll quickly understand why!

On the screenshot below you can see her unique style of decorating houses, which is admired by many players who appreciate the appearance of their tibian homes.

This house you will find on Secura:

Below you can see another beautiful decoration with flora as the main theme. Great choice of colors, items, and objects that together create an impressive combination!

Another “trademarks” of Mythmine are her logos, which often win in contests held by fansites. Keeping the same style, they are recognizable at a glance!

Logo made for as a gift for their effort in creating the fansite.

The logo was published on the fansite’s official Instagram but has not been officially used.

Some of her other logos: – Logo Contest 2021 – Logo Contest 2020

Commissioned by in 2022. And do you prefer dogs or cats? In Mythmine’s design, we love both options!

However, it’s not just logos and banners that have resulted in many winning prizes during competitions organized by fansites. The drawings and graphics were also highly appreciated. – Christmas Card Contest 2017

(unfortunately, the fansite does not exist anymore) – Birthday Card Contest 2017 – Flags and Banners Craft Contest 2017

Finally, one of her latest graphics: & – Anniversary Contest 2021

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