Paulo Silvente

You can find him on social media:


Instagram: @phsilvente

Paulo is a Brazilian illustrator. He creates images of action shots from Tibia, full of dynamics, colours and details. Results of his work are admired by everyone, just take a look of some of his illustrations:

“Guzzlemaw Hunt” – an image commisioned by his friend:

Commissioned by Jely (Nefera). An illustriation which shows both of them hunting in their favourite hunting spot – Wrath of Evil (Oramond).

Commissioned by Hana and Phenomenal Dom (Bona). You can find both of them on TwitchTV:

An action shot picturing Hana as a knight with her druid – Phenomenal Dom during a hunt in the Falcon Bastion underground. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Another piece of art commissioned by Phenomenal Dom (Bona) and Sheepyy (Antica).

A client comissioned me to illustrate his memory from when he used to hang around with some friends in his guild’s (Messiahs Of Bedlam – Antica server) guildhall (Moonkeep, in Carlin).

I had loads of fun painting the armor sets, and even logged in the game after more than a decade without playing just to check the guildhall’s exterior xD

Hope you like the results!

Paulo Silvente,

“Mawhawk Hunt” – Tibia fanart commissioned by Dark Bombox (Estela).

Visit his Instagram to see his body of work. Drop by his profile on ArtStation, where you can see the illustration process, concept sketches, etc.

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