Character: Ryocrits

Server: Havera

Decorating houses has already become an indispensable part of playing Tibia. The effects of hours spent thoughtfully arranging more and more items available in the game and TibiaStore has become a passion for many players, including our heroine Ryocrits!

Andreina leaves nothing that lies in her house to chance. Every layout is well thought out, and each item perfectly matches the rest of the decoration!

The same house in a different arrangement:

Which one do you prefer? So hard to decide… We love both!

And now something in a different color scheme:

You may have already noticed that plants are the dominant motif in her decorations, but Ryocrits doesn’t shy away from rich colors either.

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

A magnificent, multicolored jungle with a water and ship theme popular among decorators. Such a decoration in the most prestigious Guildhall in Thais located right next to the depo is not only a great honor for the creator but also an opportunity to make this city more beautiful! Andreina has definitely achieved this effect!

Do you like this style? Be sure to visit her social media to see more similar decorations. They are all gorgeous!

Instagram: @ryocrits

Above, is another prestigious home in Thais – Upper Swamp Lane 2! How do you like this color scheme?

Finally, the decoration is straight Venore:

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