Sacros Arturt

Character: Sacros Arturt

Server: Quintera

Despite the fact, that Sacros Arturt has appeared in fansites contests only recently, he already has many places in the top three!

Check out his logos prepared for some contests: – Draw a NabBot Contest 2020

Pay attention to the Worker Golem made by him from polystyrene, doesn’t it look great? – Craft a NabBot Contest 2020

As usual, creative people like to try new thingd and expand their skills. That’s how Sacros Arturt started his adventure with pixel art! Here you can see some of his first sprites:

Sacros Arturt is the winner of the Craft a Fansite Item Contest organized by! He prepared Shield of Destiny in its two different stages.

Visit him on social media!

Instagram: @sacrosarturt

It’s easy to notice, that this guy not only makes great graphics (logos) but above all he is a master of crafting items in real life. Trophies, Weapons, Shields… whatever you want it the highest quality possible. Very inspiring! – Weapon Crafting Contest 2021

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