The Art of Tibia

Character: Gyndrax

Server: Inabra

This guy joined the Tibia community on Instagram and made everyone delighted with his first post! After that, it only got better! His drawings are characterized by detailed and professional realization, which is why each new one delights Tibia players more and more!

Here you can see his interpretation of the official item of in game.

Since the graphic was created for all rights for it belong to their team.

Visit his profile, drop a comment, and order your very own logo or graphic!

Instagram: @art_of_tibia

One of his drawings was met with such acclaim that an Illusera player known by the nickname Bee the Beaver tattooed the similar one on his forearm! ! Check it out:


Are you curious about his interpretation of some of the most popular sets presented on the character in anime style (inspired by the “Saint Seiya”)? You can find it below!

“Seiya Golden Set”

“Shiryu Dragon Scale Set”

“Shun Amazon Set”

“Ikki Demon Set”

It should be noted that this series of drawings turned out to be some of the most liked drawings on our profile on Instagram, and the Dragon Scale version of the set broke all records of popularity!

However, drawings are not enough. Gyndrax also started his adventure with pixel art, and here you can see his first sprite. Looks really professional, isn’t it?

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