The “Flower Month” Event

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June is a month that is one of a kind! By many, it is called the “month of flowers”. Rosemarie returns to her home west of Tiqanda to once again make the entire world of Tibia bloom! It is during the month of June when you venture into certain forests that you may be attacked by groups of Dryads. It is in June that you decorators can gain quite a few beautiful decorative flowers that will make your houses more colorful than ever before!

Although popularly known as the “Flower Month” event has long ceased to be attractive from the point of view of the average player, for us decorators that it is an excellent opportunity for many activities in Tibia. Therefore, if you want to properly prepare for this event, be sure to read this guide.

Activity time: server save 01.06 untill server save 30.06.

Throughout June, the lands of Tibia will be invaded by Dryads. Sounds lovely? A Dryad is a female tree-spirit, usually benevolent and shy in nature, but she will violently attack anyone who might destroy her natural habitat. Therefore, beware!
However, if you are not afraid of the Dryads, by defeating them you can get some nice decorative items. Dryads are also an excellent source of seeds, especially for low-level players.

Flower Dress

Flower Wreath

Leaf Legs

Coconut Shoes


Raid Mechanics

Dryads appear among the wooded areas on different continents of Tibia. Each of their invasions is preceded by a single announcement:

► Forests between Carlin and Ab’Dendriel, along with an announcement: 

Dryads have returned to protect the northern forests near Ab’Dendriel.” 

woods north-east from Carlin

► Forests north of Edron, along with an announcement:

Dryads have returned to protect the forest north of Edron.” 

woods north from Edron

► Tiquanda, east of Port Hope, along with an announcement:

“Dryads have returned to protect the jungle of Tiquanda.”

central area of Tiquanda

► Dryad Gardens, Cormaya, along with an announcement:

Dryads have returned to protect their tree gardens underneath Cormaya.

whole area of Dryad Gardens

What is worth knowing about these raids?

✿ Each day between one server save and the next server save there will be 4 different Dryad raids, one for each location of their occurrence.

✿ Dryads appear in 5 waves, every 15 minutes. The first one appears with the announcement, each subsequent one after 15 minutes, and the entire raid lasts an hour!

Scheme of the raid:

00:00:00 Dryads have returned to protect their tree gardens underneath Cormaya.
00:15:00 (unannounced raid)

00:30:00 (unannounced raid)
00:45:00 (unannounced raid)
01:00:00 (unannounced raid)

✿ The different waves overlap each other. If the previous ones are not killed, then after an hour all the previous ones accumulate with the last one.

✿ The invasion of the Dryad Gardens is the largest, with about 500 Driads in total!

The “Flower Month” event was introduced to the game in 2007. During this time, those unique items that can be looted from Dryads have become of little value. However, we recommend investing a moment because we can get a noticeable amount of seeds needed for flowers in a short period of time. And above all, it’s always fun to feel that spirit of nature before we start decorating!

The “Flower Month” is also excellent…. and actually the only opportunity at a time to take advantage of the opportunity to meet Dryads and complete the Bestiary entry. It is necessary to kill only 5 creatures. Such a small amount is definitely worth your time.

Activity time: server save 01.06 untill server save 30.06.

In June, not far from the flowery house southwest of Port Hope, you can meet NPC Rosemarie, who, in exchange for just 5 seeds, will give us the care of a pot with a flower planted there.

So how do we get these seeds? Of course, the easiest way is to buy them at the Market, or to loot them during the Dryad raids. It is an inexpensive item and relatively easy to obtain. An alternative way is to loot it yourself from regular creatures and bosses.




Crazed Summer Vanguard

Dworc Venomsniper

Jagged Eart Elemental


Marsh Stalker

Meadow Strider (Dawnport)

Spit Nettle




Fahim The Wise

Merikh The Slaughterer

Tiquandas Revenge

In order to get the Flower Pot with a flower planted in it we need to have a short dialogue with NPC Rosemarie.

11:00:49 You see a flower pot.
It weighs 1.50 oz.
Something has been planted in there, but you cannot see what it is yet.

Player: hi
Rosemarie: Greetings and nature’s blessing, traveller!

Player: seed
Rosemarie: Each seed is like a baby to us dryads. For every 5 seeds you bring me, I’ll reward you with a flowerpot that contains a seedling that might flourish into a rare and beautiful plant if you care for it. …
Rosemarie: Do you have any seeds that you would like to exchange?
Player: yes
Rosemarie: Here, I planted this little baby in a flowerpot for you. Don’t forget to water it regularly – buy a watering can somewhere!

truly inspiring decoration with sounds by Divine’Angel

Growing Flowers

What species we get is a mystery to us at first. However, by watering it, we have a chance to make it grow and turn it into a truly decorative flower. It is not said that it will succeed after the first watering. Patience and diligence are required for these plants.

Lizard Tongue (Flower Pot)

Dryad’s Heart (Flower Pot)

Ember Queen (Flower Pot)

Midnight Bloom (Fower Pot)

Fairy Dancer (Flower Pot)

Finger Snapper (Fower Pot)

What do you need to do?

✿ Take your flowers out of your backpack or depot. Tucked away, they won’t grow when you’re offline.

✿ Purchase a Watering Can. It’s available from Nelliem in Venore, Maro in Rathleton, and Talil and Valindar on Feyrist, and the price is only 50 gp.

✿ Water regularly every 20 h until you achieve the desired effect:
– If watering is not yet necessary, a message will be displayed: “Your plant doesn’t need water.”
– If you water the plant and it does not grow: “You watered your plant.
– If you water the plant and it grows: Your plant has grown to the next stadium!

This is what the growth stages of Flower Pot look like:

However, remember to regularly take care of the flowers given to you and water them. Otherwise, they will wither! After 5 days without watering the blooming flower, it changes its look to Withered Plant.
It can still be saved at this stage. By watering withered flower you will revive it and you will see the message: “You finally remembered to water your plant and it recovered.”

Withered and not watered for 2 days more, they will turn into an empty version of the Flower Pot, and replanting the flower in this pot will be impossible. 

TIP: If you are planning reduced activity in the game, but still care about not losing the chance to keep the flowers you have grown, you can hide them in the depo. There, too, they will wither after 5 days, but this time is only accrued when you stand next to the locker. In practice, this period of 5 days extends to several months!

Blooming forever!

If you want to keep the effect, so that the flowers do not require further care – use Ice Flower Seed (Thawing Mini World Change) on them. They will remain in their blooming form forever.

Flower Pot available all year round?

Are you reading this article in July, August, or even in the middle of winter, and the fact that the availability of these flowers is limited to June saddened you a bit? Hey, nothing is lost! Once a day in the Bounac village, you can find a pot with a planted flower that is in its first stage of growth. Take it to the house and take care of the flower, and you will be able to keep it!

Thawing Mini World Change

“Judging by the unnerved mammoths in Svargrond, enough snow has melted away to reveal some very special flora.”

Thawing Mini World Change is somehow connected with Flower Month because you can get such important Ice Flower Seeds to keep your flowers blooming forever during its activity.

Your task will be to find ice flowers in the area shown below on the map. There is a chance (about 20%) that you will receive ice seeds after using the flower. These flowers renew every 4 hours.

Make your own Winterblossom!

You can use these seeds in the other way and plant a beautiful Winterblossom. This works analogously to the pots you received from Rosemarie, but you are the one planting the seeds. Then you water them to finally get the flower of your dreams. An additional advantage of this flower is that once it takes its final form, it will stay there forever. It does not need to be preserved in any way.

Another attraction related to this event is the achievements! We have as many as two to get. Both achievements thanks to the Flower Pot on Bounac can be obtained all year round, but let’s not kid ourselves…. it is much more difficult.

Green Thumb

“If someone gives you seeds, you usually grow a beautiful plant from it within a few days. You like your house green and decorated with flowers. Probably you also talk to them.”

Available by watering the flowers 100x to the highest stage (fully blooming flower).
TIP: You don’t have to own 100 different potted flowers. When they reach their highest stage, let the flowers wither and then water them. They will then return to the middle stage of growth, so you will be able to cause blooming stage multiple times on the same flowers.


“You are a pretty smart thinker and managed to create everlasting flowers. They might become a big hit with all the people who aren’t blessed with a green thumb or just forgetful.”

Obtainable by using Ice Flower Seeds on a fully grown plant in a Flower Pot.

The third achievement worth mentioning is the one not directly related to the Flower Month event but to the related Thawing Mini World Change.

Ice Harvester

“You witnessed the thawing of Svargrond and harvested rare seeds from some strange icy plants. They must be good for something.”

Obtainable by harvesting (using) Ice Flowers and get 10 Ice Flower Seeds during the Thawing Mini World Change.

This event is certainly unique, and while the prizes are not very impressive to the average player, it is extremely inspiring to us decorators! See for yourself how other players have used these beautiful flowers for their decorations.

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