One of the most unconventional artists you will find on this site! Valdafaluk decided to create Tibia anew! You’re probably wondering – “what do you mean, from scratch?” Well, he created Tibia 3D… in Minecraft!

Are you curious about what the first city in the world of Tibia looks like?

Below you can see another shot of Ankrahmun from a slightly different perspective. These lighting effects are incredibly impressive and wonderfully capture the atmosphere of the dry desert environment.

Valdafaluk mapped not only the ancient city of South Darama. Almost all of Tibia was created in 3D! Below you can see the legendary island of the newcomers – Rookgaard!

SQM by SQM every point on the map has been mirrored to make this project the best possible representation of the real Tibia map. Below you will see the amazing view from ” The Big Old One” of the Fermor Hills and Ab’dendriel.

Do you recognize this island? đŸ˜‰

If so, reply in the comments! And if not, you still have to admit that it looks very realistic.

Check out the rest of the shots of his projects. Each of them is impressive and a clear proof that creativity knows no boundaries and Tibia is not just a game, but also an inspiration for many other activities, and that’s the coolest thing about it!

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