TibiaGoals.com and TibiaFanart.com are once again teaming up to organize a special event for you to celebrate International Women’s Day!


The subject of the contest is a poster symbolizing female friendship, strength, and independence. You can focus on one aspect or all of them at once – it’s up to you,
• Each poster must display the slogan “Women unite”,
• Acceptable techniques for making the poster are: hand drawing, painting, collage,
• Digital drawings will not be accepted,
• The size of the poster should be A4 (210x297mm) or larger,
• The shape of the poster is arbitrary,
• Decorating the surroundings of the poster will not be taken into account when judging the work,
• One participant can submit any number of works,
• Participant must submit at least 3 photos of the creation process and at least 1 final photo. On each of these photos must be a visible card with the inscription “TibiaGoals.com & TibiaFanart.com – Women Unite 2022”,
• Remember that men can participate too!
• Post your entries on TibiaGoals.com Discord server: [https://discord.com/invite/PhsRMx7CxF] in the channel #women-unite
• Staff of the two fansites cannot participate in the contest.

What are we taking into consideration?

  • appearance (aesthetics of making the poster),
  • creativity,
  • commitment to work,
  • the message behind the poster.

For each of these categories, the staff of both fansites will give 1-5 points (5 being the maximum number of points). In this way, the best works will be selected – their number will depend on the number of works submitted. Then the works will be judged on the fansite board, where the podium will be chosen.

The contest starts at the server save on 8th March 2022 and ends on 5th April 2022 (at server save).

1st place – Golden Warrior trophy + Heavy Medal + Nightmare Doll

2nd place – Silver Warrior Trophy + Yellow Rose

3rd place – Bronze Warrior Trophy + Bear Doll

Remember to join TibiaGoals.com on Discord to participate in the contest!


Click on the banner below to find out the results of the contest.

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