Character: Xaarcus

Server: Estela

Do you like the Loremaster Doll? Xaarcus, came up with the idea for this sprite and with it won first place in the Fansite Item Contest on TibiaTome.com in 2017.

It weighs 77.00 oz.

It weighs 77.00 oz.
This doll possesses an infinite knowledge within. It was rewarded by TibiaTome.com.

“Let me enlighten you!”

Some of his other sprites:

He also won first place in the contest to create an Assassin Doll using any technique.

TibiaBrasilerios.com – Assassin Doll in Real Life Contest 2016

The fansite isn’t supported anymore.

Another amazing drawing:

Above you can see a hand drawing of a male Warrior Outfit with a popular fansite item “The Epic Wisdom” representing a famous TibiaWiki.com.br! Below is the same character but as a digital version:

For the sketch below, Xaarcus took another first place in the Medieval Blazon Contest organized by TibiaMisterios.com.br in 2015. Just look at the professionalism of this drawing, amazing!

The same sketch from a different perspective:

Tibia.Fandom.com (formerly known as Tibia.Wikia.com) – New Logo Contest 2015 – second place!


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