Brighid Grand Explorateur

Character: Brighid Grand Explorateur

Server: Gentebra

You can meet Renan taking part in the contest organized by different Tibia fansites. His favorite kinds of events are definitely those related to pixel art.

Check out his body of work:

As you can see the collection of his sprites so far is large and really impressive. However, you have to pay special attention to his animations, which are of the highest level!

Here you can see a hangable item, which he designed and presented during TibiaGallery. – Fansite Item Contest 2021:

He also created an amazing interpretation of Golden Outfit in our International Woman’s Day Contest!

His animations are really impressive!

Instagram: @brighid.g.e

Check out his recently designed set of weapons and armors, which is related to the Bonelord theme and it’s called “Ancient Bonelord Set”:

It contains 12 items (an armor, 3 weapons melee, a staff (full of gems), legs, boots, a helmet, a shield, a crossbow, a bow, and an amulet).

And this is how the set looks with other sprites known from Tibia (from Zathroth’s Secret Library):

Brighid Grand Explorateur is also known for its involvement with Tibia fansites. He decided to start his own project –, where all sprites (for example in the menu) are of his authorship. It is fantastic to see so much passion in someone!

You can see one of the graphics below:

He is also the author of an amazing fansite item representing this site called The God’s Twilight Doll. Check out this perfect animation below zoomed in!

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