Interview with the artist: Amy Meow

Hello Amy! Tell us something about yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi! โ™ก My real name is Ale, I have a degree in โ€œMultimedia and Digital Animationโ€. I have known the game since I was a little girl! haha but I didn’t play a lot, I used to watch how my brother was playing and he introduces me to the game so I started playing but I could not even pass level 15 hahaha, I was very innocent to understand the game so I left and come back again passing the years, I have stopped playing several times and returned back so I would say I have been playing ~5-7 years.

How did your tibia-artistic adventure start?

It started when I decided to create an Instagram of my Tibian adventures. It’s really exciting for me and I love to create content for my Instagram, especially when I’m doing Tibia scenes, outfits, or sprites that don’t exist in the game, recoloring, redesigning,  I just did what I love combining it with a game that I enjoy and when I saw that many people liked what I did, they made me feel very happy that they noticed some talent in me and it motivated me to continue doing Tibia fanart so Iโ€™m still sharing some of my fan arts of my favorite items or drawings with animations of my character and avatars with pretty backgrounds and effects.

Are you an artist away from Tibia?

Yes! I studied a career that is focused on video games development. This includes, apart from the programming that is fundamental in this, all the artistic concepts that a video game contains, such as drawing, character concept, photography, modeling, animations, multimedia, cinematography, and all the art that you can see inside one! I have worked on some projects where I apply all of this and I actually work as a web designer and developer, sometimes as a freelance artist and I really enjoy doing crafts and painting with watercolors in my free time.

What was your motivation to learn?

Since I was a child video games always had my attention, and also I love to play them, I remember being a little girl asking myself how people can make a draw on a screen, how that draw can move when I press a button, and how I can make that draw moving where I want and look attractive and pretty as I see them on video games. When I started using a computer I saw a lot of animations, drawings, and concepts of my favorite video games on the internet that were my biggest motivations. I started researching and practicing, I wanted to do all of that too!

How long have you been mastering your skill?

I have 15 years of mastering my skills, or saying it in a pretty way, doing what I love! โ™ก

How would you describe your style?

Absolutely aesthetic and cute, I like things to look pretty with a cute touch, for character drawings I like the chibi style which is cute too. Pastel tones are present in most of my works. โ€“ Valentineโ€™s Day Contest 2020

What is the next milestone you’d like to achieve in your art progress?

I would like to make all my illustrations animated! It would be a great challenge for me, I want to improve my pixel art skills and create more new projects.

Is there someone who inspires you in Tibia or out of the game if it comes to pixelart?

Of course!  I mean, have you ever taken a tour of the Tibian community on Instagram? There are so many talented artists that I would die to have at least half of what they have as talented, haha, I could mention many people, but the player that has marked me the most is Makadamia, I think any tibian artist would want to achieve everything that she has achieved, being the creator of 9 fansite items.

What would you advise someone who’d like to start their adventure with tibia fanart?

If you want to do something and you think you don’t have the ability, don’t give up and keep practicing until you find your style and above all, loving what to do. People can really like what you do and they can make you feel special but never forget to be humble.โ™ก It is also good to accept that there will always be someone better than us and that we can instead of feeling jealous, learn a lot from them and admire them. Never compare your art with anyone.

Have you ever won any tibia art-related contest? Tell us about it.

Yea!โ™ก The first time I won a contest was the second time I was encouraged to participate. It was a contest from TibiaEvents named โ€œLet’s Get Bossyโ€ which consists of creating a boss in a creative way, doesn’t matter if it was a drawing, in game (pixel art) craft, or whatever. I did a Boss which has 2 forms: normal and evil, named โ€œQueen Herzieโ€ She looks and her attacks are so girly, even in her evil form, hahaha.

I won another contest from TibiaLife named โ€œWishes for 2020โ€ which consists of creating a decoration in game using colors that represent something. I decided to create the Adamant Shield with items and I took 1st place!

I have participated several times on โ€œFansite Item Contestsโ€, from different fansites: TibiaPedia, NabBot, Tibialabs, CasalTibiano, Rookie, TibiaGallery, taking 2nd and 3rd place and sometimes did not make it but had recognition from the admins.

The most recent contest in which I also got a place was in the “Craft a fansite Item” contest organized by several fansites for the โ€œFansite Appreciation Dayโ€ in which I made the Midnight Panther Doll from TibiaMagazine, created with artificial rose petals painted with watercolors and some crystal details. I got 4th place.

And of which I am very proud was one organized by TibiaGoals and TibiaFanart “International women’s day” contest that was about creating a women’s outfit, I create an outfit โ€œBlossom Poison Ivyโ€, I wanted it to to be feminine, powerful and of nature, it had some animation and effects, This doesn’t count for the contest but I tried to present it as it would do it on the game, and as extra I made a chibi draw,  I got 1st place! I was very proud! I really enjoy this contest.

Last but not least, The entry That I am so proud of, but did not take first place, was the TibiaGallery โ€œFansite Item Contestโ€ because I loved my item! โ€œElementalist dollโ€  I got 3rd place on this. 

I could name more but these were the most I had enjoying! โ™ก

Which one of your works are you the proudest of?

There was a contest from TibiaQA years ago where we need to create a Quick Tour Design, I made a poster and a motion graphics video, my entry took 3rd place, it didn’t win but it’s actually the material that the site is using to guide first-time visitors who donโ€™t know how the site works and it makes me very proud because I draw, vectorize, animate, include effects and use a lot of skills, seeing my work there make me happy even if it wasn’t the first winner.

Do you think that art should ever be discussed and compared or it is rather a subjective project of an artist?

I think that art is totally subjective, some may like what you do and others not, for example as I said, I like the chibi style, however that does not mean that a realistic style is bad, for my perspective, Chibi is prettier, but perhaps for other people the realistic style is much better, it depends on the person and the perspective in which one appreciates the art.

Are you working on anything currently? Could you spoil it for us a little?

Yes! โ™ก Maybe an outfit? Items? I hope that girls will like it,  imagine the most famous doll in the world mixed with Tibia! โ™ก (Ya I know it will never happen, haha) and also I’m planning to upload short guides on my Instagram in an artistic way, wait for it!

What is the most impressive tibia fanart you’ve seen?

Some months ago I saw a decorative frame where inside you can see a tridimensional tibia scene (it was a screenshot made tridimensional),  it was so impressive for me! Maybe it sounds simple but I found it so original.

If you do art away from Tibia, how did Tibia influence your works?

Tibia help me to discover a lot of skills that I didn’t know I had, pixel art is one of these, and now because of this I can do a lot of pixel art that is not tibia related to, I’m always learning something new when its art contest related and I apply everything that I learn on my personal artworks. Tibia also showed me that there are a lot of people that believe in my work. Tibia inspire me to create art! โ™ก

Thank you so much, Amy, for this amazing interview!

artist: Amy Meow

prepared by: Divine’Angel

Frame with a three-dimensional scene from Tibia that was mentioned by Amy is a fanart made by Geek Love Art and you can see it here!

If you want to see more of Amy’s artworks, visit a subpage about her body of work in our “ARTISTS” section!

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