Amy Meow

Character: Amy Meow

Server: Firmera

An Elder Druid and Elite Knight in one! In real life an audiovisual designer. She loves cats, unicorns and bunnies! Sounds cute? – It absolutely is.

Check her artwork, which is not only adorable, but also has all the hallmarks of someone with talent and creativity:

Instagram: @amymeow.s2

We can find her amazing digital drawings among different fansites’ contests: – Eventholder’s Girlfriend Contest 2020 – Valentine’s Day Contest 2020

Amy presented us a lot of beautiful graphics, house decorations, but the she’s also a very good spriter, which she prooved in many different Fansite Item Contests: – Eventholder’s Costume Party Contest 2020

TibiaQA – Quick Tour Design Contest 2020 – Craft a Fansite Item Contest 2021

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