Amy Meow

Character: Amy Meow

Server: Talera

An Elder Druid and Elite Knight in one! In real life an audiovisual designer. She loves cats, unicorns, and bunnies! Sounds cute? – It absolutely is.

However, Amy is not just a cute girl who plays Tibia in her free time. She is also a graphics designer in and crews! You can admire her graphics in various ads posted by the fansites on their official Instagram.

But let’s move on to the artwork:

Check her artwork, which is not only adorable but also has all the hallmarks of someone with talent and creativity:

We can find her amazing digital drawings among different fansites’ contests: – Valentine’s Day Contest 2020 – Eventholder’s Costume Party Contest 2020

TibiaQA – Quick Tour Design Contest 2020 – Craft a Fansite Item Contest 2021

Amy presented us with a lot of beautiful graphics, house decorations, but she’s also a very good spriter, which she proved in many different Fansite Item Contests:

What about the combination of a Barbie style and pixel art? Check out the results presented in the form of sprites: new furniture set, outfit, and items!

Don’t you think it looks great?

Amy is a winner of our first official contest organized with our partner – International Woman’s Day Contest 2021! Her girly concept of an outfit made in pixel art was simply the best!

The sprites are really excellent quality, indeed, as are her graphics and the animations created from them:

See also her idea for a Love Elixir recipe, prepared for the Valentine’s Day Contest organized by the cooperating teams of and

You have to admit, you can fall in love with this work without drinking any elixir! & – Women Unite Contest 2022

Want to know more about her artistic career? Head to our “INTERVIEWS” section and choose Amy Meow!

Also, don’t forget to visit her on her social media:

Instagram: @amymeow.s2

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