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Lots of Valentine’s Day inspiration at!

It’s finally that time when Greenshore visits Valentina selling her small gifts for the chosen ones of your heart. Stop by and buy your loved ones a bouquet of beautiful roses. And stop by to read our latest compendium dedicated to Valentine’s Day decorations. There you’ll find an overview of decorative items that, by their looks, will be perfect for Valentine’s Day arrangements, some DIY suggestions and, most importantly, a huge gallery of inspiration along with the contest entries submitted for the 2023 Valentine’s Day Contest!

We also invite you to the DIY section, where you will find the new ideas prepared for Valentine’s Day. What exactly? – We’ll give you a suggestion for a column, furniture and some carpets, just for starters!

There was also news in the fanart section! There, a lot of beautiful fanarts dedicated to the Valentine’s Day awaits you. So if you feel like sweetening this very nice day in this way, we invite you to check it!

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