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More attractions for decorators!

If you are most interested in the development of item guides, there are new ones on our site! This time they concern: Flamingo, Swan & Peacock Feathers, Balloon Cloth, Screaming Cherry, Sprocketwhip Cone, Tonguefruit, Witherblossom, Dinky Moss Floret, Delicate Vase, Blessed Water, Moonshine Pearl, and Horoscope.
Moreover, the following pages have been updated: Small Golden Taboret, and Potted Flower.

In the “Themed Decorations” section you can find decorations related to our recent article “Tibia Tales Decorations”. We have selected the best decorations for you, get inspired and create something beautiful!

The sub-pages of our wonderful decorators have also been updated, visit again: Decoration Shana, Milny, Monzcarro Murcatto, Norelli, and Vigorouz to see more beautiful decorations in their design!

There is a lot of new inspiration in our decorations gallery! Check out the newly added player decorations from all over Tibia for yourself!

From now on in the DIY category, you will also find a columns section!

Courtesy of our partners from we are honored to fill it with suggestions from their article “Columns, Pillars and Pedestals (Oh my!)“. If you will be curious to see how it is created, click on the graphic of your choice and you will be redirected to their article!

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