Character: Nelasz

Server: Garnera

If you’re active in fansite contests you have to know Nelasz! Her artworks are some of the most creative and colorful, we could ever see – this makes them simply great!

The amount of details and different materials used in her designs makes them unique compared to other participants.

Below you can see an entry from the Fool’s Surprise Eggventure Contest 2016 organized by – Christmas Card Contest 2017

(unfortunately, the fansite does not exist anymore)

Leonela won first place for this work! – Save the Chrismas Contest 2019

Below is her version of the Mini NabBot along with accessories. The figure was made with attention to every detail, but it did not take any place on the podium, which does not change the fact that it is brilliant. Look at all those screws and gears. It’s handmade!

Craft a NabBot Contest 2020

Outstanding ideas, creativity, and dozens of colors – this is how we can describe her body of work!

Instagram: @nelazs – Craft a Fansite Item Contest 2021 – Special Christmas Contest 2021 & – Bella Bonecrusher’s Valentine’s Mailbox Contest 2022

Nelasz participated in a contest organized by our website and showed that a poster is not always a boring rectangular cardboard box with a slogan. Her work also appealed to the viewers with its shape, unusual idea, colors, illumination, and charming characters! & – Women Unite Contest 2022

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