Sara Sedentaria

character: Sara Sedentaria

server: Zenobra

Meet Sarah Caroline, who works as a photographer but also loves to express her creativity from time to time by creating cosplays of Tibia characters.

Instagram: @saratibiana

Cosplay is not a popular art among Tibia players, which sets Sara apart from other players. Created in 2016, the Barbarian costume has not only become famous among the South American Tibia community but has also been featured in articles written by fansites around the world!

In 2022, in celebration of “Fansite Appreciation Day”, Sara participated in the “Dress Like a Boss” Contest as many as 6 times! Her task was to dress up as chosen by the fansites boss. She achieved an amazing score of 4 wins! In doing so, she broke an absolute record! – Dress Like a Boss Contest 2022

Check out the other outfits made especially for this event – each one is different and amazing. Let’s hope for more such creative people in our community! – 15thย Anniversary Contest 2022, 2ndย modality: cosplay

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