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    Content updated!

    News on TibiaFanart! In our main FANART GALLERY, you will find almost 20 new artworks of different categories! Both those prepared on the occasion of fansite contests and hobbyists. Be sure to check it out! The subpage dedicated to the famous artist Lupus Aurelius has also been rewritten and updated. Learn about his sprites and brand-new digital drawings! Check out the interview with this artist on our partner site – TibiaTales.com! In addition, to improve finding information, a tag system has been introduced to posts. If you are interested in a particular topic – just click on the topic you are interested in. Tag Cloud can be found on the…

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    Visit the refreshed “ARTISTS” section!

    We are pleased to introduce to you a refreshed version of our “ARTISTS” section! From now on, you will find not only an enlarged list of artists along with preview images depicting their artwork but also a division into categories depending on what field of art they are creating. Are you looking for something specific? A logo for your Twitch channel? Pixel art? Or maybe you are interested in commemorative illustrations of your character and are looking for someone to make them for you. From now on it is much easier! You can find the site at the link or the main menu.

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    New artists! Meet Cursed Brigade, Eveh, and Ruggiero!

    Cursed Brigrade – He is a novice artist who, however, entered the world of Tibia contests with exceptionally good work, so he definitely deserves recognition! Eveh – specializes in the original crochet technique known by the term “amigurumi”. In this way she creates unique and charming dolls of characters from the game Tibia. Ruggiero – He is an artist who specializes in digital drawing, and he has a special sympathy for creatures known from the old Tibia days. He is leading a project to illustrate such monsters according to his own interpretation. This is not the end of the changes! The subpages of such artists as Mythmine, Kriiz have also…

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    Content updated!

    Finally, the long-awaited update has happened! What’s new on the site this time? The main “FANART GALLERY” has been updated, to which we have added 25 new works! Curious about what Minecraft has to do with Tibia? Or maybe you can never get enough beautiful digital drawings? If so, this update is for you! But this is not the end of the attractions! We have also updated the subpages of the most active Tibian artists for you! From today you can admire the latest works on the profiles: Finally, we would also like to present the “TATTOO” gallery in a new version, along with new photos!

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    Minor changes to the website!

    Taking advantage of the Christmas break, we’ve made some minor changes to the site for you! As of today, in the “FANART” section you will find not only a general gallery full of beautiful works created by players but also a section where the artistic works of players are divided thematically. So if you are curious about, for example, Tibian fanart in the style of Christmas, drop by there and get inspired! You will find an analogous section in the section related to house decorations! There, you will see thematic decorations and articles dedicated to them! And if you are still lacking thematic inspiration, in the DIY section related to…

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    Christmas on TibiaFanart.com!

    Still not feeling the vibe of the upcoming Christmas? Decorate your Tibia home with us in truly festive style. We have prepared for you a comprehensive article dedicated to cozy decorations, and various Christmas themes. You will find there an overview of items perfectly matching this theme, a DIY section, and lots of beautiful decorations of players from many servers! Get inspired with TibiaFanart.com! And if you’re also interested in other themed decorations, you’ll soon be able to see more in our new “THEMED DECORATIONS” section for home decorators!

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    News in the “HOUSE DECORATIONS” section!

    More news for decorators! In our colorful decoration gallery, you can find a lot of new screenshots – be sure to check them out! You will also find more decorations in the inspiration section for the most prestigious houses in Tibia! Please stop by our decorator’s guide to see a lot of new tutorials! You’ll find some new items, such as: Blue, Green & Violet Glass Plates, Blue Sphere, Celestial Chart, Dung Ball, Football. Updated with new places were tutorials of such items as: Venorean Chair, Orange Star, Torn Piece of Paper. The subpages of well-known and liked decorators such as Divine’Angel, Magiska Malin, Kriiz, and Norelli have also been…

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    Content updated!

    Another update behind us, this time related to fanart! In our main gallery, you will find more than 20 new artworks created by talented and creative players! In addition, the “SPRITES” section has been updated. Several sprites (the unofficial ones) have been added, as well as a link to the Midnight Panther Doll story in the fansite item table. Are you curious how this doll was created? Be sure to read on. The text is available on TibiaTales.com! And if you want to download the latest drawings created by CipSoft’s graphic designers, we have also refreshed the “OFFICIAL GRAPHICS” section for you.

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    Carpets on board!

    We are proud to announce more changes to the section for home decorators! We’ve prepared something for you that hasn’t been here before – DO IT YOURSELF, which is a section where you’ll find plenty of inspiration for making your own decorative elements, such as carpets, columns, and much more in the future! To begin with, carpets! To move your imagination and inspire you to decorate, we have created for you an expanded “DECORATOR’S GUIDE” section, which from now on is divided into 4 different parts:1) Items Guide – which is a familiar guide to items based on their graphics,2) DIY – the aforementioned new feature, where you will find…

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