Titan of Tsunami

Character: Titan of Tsunami

Server: Garnera

There are many sprite creators, some worse, some better, some amazing… this man for sure should be included in the last group!

The coven is rising, they dance in the night sky, their spectral waltz nothing but an omen. As they swirl above the clouds one thing is certain, the queen of witches is coming.

Titan of Tsunami, https://www.instagram.com/p/CKr3lU0so2k/

Check out his social media, isn’t it impressive?

Do you recognize our beloved Thais?

Druid with his summon – Grovebeast:

A pixel Art masterpiece!

Instagram: @titanoftsunami

You can meet him during different Fansite Item Contests:

CasalTibiano.com.br – Fansite Item Contest 2020


Titan of Tsunami is also an author of one of the official fansite items named “Banor Doll”. It is an item representing TibiArt.net in game.

Here you can see the most recent submissions for the Fansite Item Contests he prepared:

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