Titan of Tsunami

Character: Titan of Tsunami

Server: Garnera

There are many sprite creators, some worse, some better, some amazing… Titan of Tsunami for sure should be included in the last group!

The coven is rising, they dance in the night sky, their spectral waltz nothing but an omen. As they swirl above the clouds one thing is certain, the queen of witches is coming.

Titan of Tsunami, https://www.instagram.com/p/CKr3lU0so2k/

Just take a look at some of his work and admit it, isn’t he amazing? And this is just a fraction of all his artworks. Continue reading and you will see just how talented this artist is.

Do you recognize our beloved Thais?

Druid with his summon – Grovebeast:

A pixel art masterpiece!

As befits an experienced spriter, Titan of Tsunami uses his skills by participating in various Fansite Item Contests. Below are some of his works:

Here you can see some of the most recent submissions he prepared:

Titan of Tsunami is also an author of one of the official fansite items named “Banor Doll”. It is an item representing TibiArt.net in-game.

There’s no denying that Titan is really good at this! Not only does he use his talent in contests organized by fansites, but he also creates custom graphics! Would you like your own 32×32 pixel doll representing your character in Tibia? Or maybe you are interested in a slightly larger format, such as the one below (made for @revkah_)?

If so, be sure to visit him on Instagram, see his other works, and learn more directly from the author of these brilliant artworks.

Instagram: @titanoftsunami

Are you perhaps familiar with the famous Demon Set created by Lupus Aurelius? Titan of Tsunami decided to develop this idea and created alternative Demon Sets for magic professions. Both the concept and the execution of the items are fantastic! Let’s hope for more such creative ideas!

Another set of weapons, armors, and equipment is one based on the theme of Feyrist Island and fairies. Amazing, delicate, rich in details. Tibia may regret not having this set in its sprite database!

See other items from the “Fae Caster Set” and their various options:

If you are curious about what the artist has to say, what are his inspirations and future plans, don’t forget to read the interview with Titan – you can find it in the “INTERVIEWS” section!

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