Character: Tynusiiaa

Server: Antica

Martyna, like most Tibia players, is not limited to just one activity. She loves spending time with her friends, getting new achievements, or looking for rare bosses, but for years her greatest pleasure is decorating houses!

Instagram: @tynusiiaa

The beginnings were difficult! ๐Ÿ˜‰

But let’s agree that not every decorator starts with a 200 SQM villa with a pool and unlimited amounts of the most expensive decor items!

Over the years, more and more decorative items appeared in Tibia, which allowed Martyna to develop her interest. Above you can see her current home! Quite a difference, isn’t it?

Also, take a peek at the different arrangements of the upper floors of her house. How do you know creative people? Definitely by how many different ideas they have for decorating the same space!

Pay special attention to this beautiful birthday decoration! Lots of colors, a positive vibe, nothing more is needed!

And if you were thinking that it’s impossible to decorate a house nicer for a birthday, Martyna proves once again that everything is possible!

A decoration for any occasion. If someone wanted to describe Tynusia’s ideas in one sentence, that would be the perfect statement. Above you saw a party atmosphere full of colorful balloons, and here something prepared especially for the popular Tibia event – The Lightbearer!

Great color selection and use of every specific item for this event!

Exotic vibes!

We have to admit that Tynusiiaa is one of the few to decorate even the houses on Issavi very freely, which is quite a difficult task due to the lack of any filler elements like the popular Leaves or Areca Palms.

Do you like such exotic climates? Then you should also like this decoration!

And if you love fresh colors and a floral theme in your decorations, how about this? The combination of yellow, purple, and blue sounds like Daffodils, Violets, and Siberian Squill, in a word spring!

Let’s move on from these exotic climes to slightly more wintry arrangements. There is much to admire!

Several different arrangements of the same house – Lower Barracks 5, Kazordoon:

Greetings from Edron!

The famous 8 Upper Swamp Lane in Thais was also not to be missed. Grades for every decorator – unlimited use of decor items such as Leaves, Areca Palms, Ficus Benjamina, and Flower Pots.

It is worth mentioning that this talented decorator together with her Tibian husband Dracek (you can read about his work on our site!) created an interesting passion project called “TibiaStyle.com”, where you can find a lot of interesting facts and tips on how to decorate Tibian interiors.

How about various modifications to Tibian sprites?

Martyna also created a beautiful outfit – “True Artist Outfit”, especially for the contest organized by our site. With this artwork, she made it to the semifinals!

TibiaFanart.com – Internation Woman’s Day Contest 2021


Although she became most famous as a decorator, Tynusiiaa also often presented beautiful works prepared for competitions organized by fansites. Both drawings and craftings.

Check out the rest of the artwork below:

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