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The “TATTOO” section has been updated!

We have good news for all fans of tattoos, especially the Tibia ones! The section dedicated to this field of...
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Interview with Rejana, CipSoft’s Community Manager is now available!

We are pleased to present you with an exclusive interview we conducted with a CipSoft member - Rejana. Such opportunities...
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Content updated!

News on TibiaFanart! In our main FANART GALLERY, you will find almost 20 new artworks of different categories! Both those...
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Visit the refreshed “ARTISTS” section!

We are pleased to introduce to you a refreshed version of our "ARTISTS" section! From now on, you will find...
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New artists! Meet Cursed Brigade, Eveh, and Ruggiero!

Cursed Brigrade - He is a novice artist who, however, entered the world of Tibia contests with exceptionally good work,...
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Visit TibiaDecorations.com!

If you like our publications on decorating in Tibia and have used our DIY suggestions to make your houses unique,...
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What would you like to know about floral decorations?

We have another unique compendium for you! This time we have gathered some information on Floral Decorations. You'll find an...
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The “Flower Month” Event on TibiaFanart.com!

June is known as "the month of flowers" in Tibia. On this occasion, we have a new guide prepared especially...
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Rediscover quests as a decorator!

When you approach a quest, do you wonder how long you will have to wait for each decoration item and...
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Check out the new spring vibe in the DIY section!

The days are getting warmer, the trees are leafing out, and there is a beautiful delicate fragrance of blooming flowers...
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digital drawing by the amazing Paulo Silvente
Instagram: @phsilvente


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Also, visit our gallery full of house decorations!
Want to publish your decoration here? 
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