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Another great TibiaFanart.com update!

20 new fantastic fanarts have been added to our “FANART” gallery! There will be something for fans of graphics, 3D designs, or handmade figures. Be sure to take a look!

The “SPRITES” section has been updated with two new fansite items, which entered the game on 23.08.2022!

The artists’ sub-pages have also been updated! There’s no denying that players have been extremely productive lately, and the works they create are great!
Visit: Aras Artist, Brighid Grand Explorateur, Callie Aena, Decoration Shana, Gustavo Santiago, Ipaminondas Arte, Iridium Art, Kriiz, Lupus Aurelius, Makadamia, Misha Artwork, Mythmine, Norelli, Paulo Silvente, Rtsen Illustrator-, Sacros Arturt, The Art of Tibia.

The “CONTESTS” section has also been updated with the latest contests. In addition, some entries have been sorted in a more readable way for visitors!

It’s not over yet! The “TATTOO” section, which is undoubtedly the only one of its kind among Tibia fansites, has also gained a powerful dose of new photos.

background drawing: Paulo Silvente


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