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    Rediscover quests as a decorator!

    When you approach a quest, do you wonder how long you will have to wait for each decoration item and whether it can be multiplied by some action? If so, you will find our newest sub-section in the Items Guide – “Quests” – useful, where you will know items divided into quests with detailed descriptions. The newest quest is the popular “Krailos Quest”, one of the most interesting quests from the decorator’s point of view! There you will find an overview of as many as 11 different items with descriptions, maps, and screenshots. Enjoy!

  • House Decorations

    Check out the new spring vibe in the DIY section!

    The days are getting warmer, the trees are leafing out, and there is a beautiful delicate fragrance of blooming flowers in the air. Ladies and gentlemen, spring has arrived, and with it comes new ideas in our house decorations DIY section!Fancy adding a floral and colorful finish to your decorations? Do you like creativity and unusual solutions? Check out what’s new in our DIY carpets gallery!

  • Contests

    RESULTS: Bosshunter’s Decorations Contest 2023

    The day has come to announce the results of our “Bosshunter’s Decorations” Contest 2023! We would like to thank you all once again for having fun along with us, for your huge commitment, and for so many beautiful entries that, regardless of the results, have become an inspiration for other boss hunters and decorators across the game! As many as 22 works took part in the final. Nine members of the TibiaBosses.com and TibiaFanart.com crews, three Community Managers, and eleven admins of various fansites took part in selecting the final works. Although it was really difficult to decide on the winners, we collectively decided that: 1st place – Monzcarro Murcatto…

  • Updates

    Content updated!

    Finally, the long-awaited update has happened! What’s new on the site this time? The main “FANART GALLERY” has been updated, to which we have added 25 new works! Curious about what Minecraft has to do with Tibia? Or maybe you can never get enough beautiful digital drawings? If so, this update is for you! But this is not the end of the attractions! We have also updated the subpages of the most active Tibian artists for you! From today you can admire the latest works on the profiles: Finally, we would also like to present the “TATTOO” gallery in a new version, along with new photos!

  • Contests

    Bosshunter’s Decorations Contest 2023 has begun!

    Great information for all decorators. We’ve teamed up with TibiaBosses.com to create a special event for you! “Another competition in the “Bosshunter’s Decorations” contest, in which this time the most significant role will be played by your Podium of Vigour, the trophy that bears witness to your boss fights! Sounds interesting? Read the contest rules carefully and get to work!

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    Visit Rathleton, beautiful, but underestimated city.

    We are proud to present to you our latest article! And this time it will not be a comprehensive thematic compendium, but a text that will introduce you more closely to one of our favorite, but often underestimated cities – Rathleton! You will learn what Steampunk is, on which the style of the entire island was based, the advantages and disadvantages of owning a house on Oramond, what pushable objects you will find in the area and much more!So we invite you to read on. You can find the article in the latest “Inspirations” subsection of the House Decorations section articles.

  • Contests

    RESULTS: Valentine’s Day Contest 2023

    We are pleased to announce the results of the Valentine’s Day contest! From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all of you for the fun and great involvement! You can find more details at the link: https://www.tibiafanart.com/forum/topic/valentines-day-contest/?part=6#postid-4184 See you in the next contest!

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    Lots of Valentine’s Day inspiration at TibiaFanart.com!

    It’s finally that time when Greenshore visits Valentina selling her small gifts for the chosen ones of your heart. Stop by and buy your loved ones a bouquet of beautiful roses. And stop by to read our latest compendium dedicated to Valentine’s Day decorations. There you’ll find an overview of decorative items that, by their looks, will be perfect for Valentine’s Day arrangements, some DIY suggestions and, most importantly, a huge gallery of inspiration along with the contest entries submitted for the 2023 Valentine’s Day Contest! We also invite you to the DIY section, where you will find the new ideas prepared for Valentine’s Day. What exactly? – We’ll give…

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    More attractions for decorators!

    If you are most interested in the development of item guides, there are new ones on our site! This time they concern: Flamingo, Swan & Peacock Feathers, Balloon Cloth, Screaming Cherry, Sprocketwhip Cone, Tonguefruit, Witherblossom, Dinky Moss Floret, Delicate Vase, Blessed Water, Moonshine Pearl, and Horoscope.Moreover, the following pages have been updated: Small Golden Taboret, and Potted Flower. In the “Themed Decorations” section you can find decorations related to our recent article “Tibia Tales Decorations”. We have selected the best decorations for you, get inspired and create something beautiful! The sub-pages of our wonderful decorators have also been updated, visit again: Decoration Shana, Milny, Monzcarro Murcatto, Norelli, and Vigorouz to…

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