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New attractions for decorators – YouTube channel, guide’s update, and more!

With today’s update, we’ve got some new attractions for decorators.

Our gallery of beautiful decorations has been expanded with new screenshots.

Several more decorative items have been added to the tutorials, along with descriptions on how to get them! Check: Puny Ice Flower, Pretty Ice Flower, Beautiful Ice Flowers, Marvelous Ice Flowers, Purple Nightshade Blossoms, Crimson Nightshade Blossoms, Megasylvan Plant, Jug of Embalming Fluid, Charged Ghost Charm, and a Heavy Ball!

We strive for the highest quality of our content, therefore our tutorials for items and objects such as Orange Star and Leaves have been updated!

Also welcome to the YouTube platform, where we will present more and more short decorating tutorials over time!

The sub-pages of our wonderful decorators – Dracek, Milny, Monzcarro Murcatto – have also been updated, so be sure to pay them a visit!

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