Summary of the year 2021!


There’s no denying that 2021 was a one-of-a-kind year for And all because it was the year this fansite was officially established! From the very beginning of the year, we worked hard on this project to get it on its feet as soon as possible and take a form that is comfortable for the viewer and interesting at the same time. Collecting material, talking to artists, presenting the site to them in such a way that they would see it as a medium to promote their works…. all this is behind us so that now we can develop and refine our ideas. If you’re curious about what we’ve been able to introduce over the past 12 months, here’s a quick read.

The Beginning

“Damian? How about a new fansite? – About what? – About what interests me the most, which is drawing, graphics, and pixel art, all in the context of Tibia! – You know, it’s a really cool idea! :)” This is how it all started. Makadamia, Vussia and Mad Def. It was with this team that we started working on the project, which we decided to call “”. Mad Def created the site strictly technically on 02.01.2021 (and this is the date of our birthday), Vussia took over social media, while Makadamia – the originator of this project took care of collecting fanart, contacting artists, looking for new creative people, and designing the site.


In February we received our first beautiful logo!

The author of the logo design was the admin, Makadamia. This is what the initial sketches looked like. This sketch was created solely for the purpose of explaining the concept. At that time it didn’t yet promise that the graphics representing us would be so pretty!

The logo was done by Misha Artwork, one of the first promoted by artists famous for drawing Chibi-style characters. Why such a choice? We wanted the logo to be full of quite intense, bright colors and finished with a thick outline. Misha perfectly handles works in this style.

Building Menu and Rules

Menus are a critical part of any website. It is this thing that will make our site clear and transparent to read, or incomprehensible. It is thanks to a well-designed menu that the viewer will easily find his way through the content presented on the site, or will not find anything at all. That’s why we made sure to keep the division simple.
The top menu was devoted 100% to organizational matters of the site. It is there that you will find information about news from, specially created regulations, members, as well as information about the crew of our fansite.

The main menu, on the other hand, has been dedicated to the actual content that the fansite is about.

Gallery – a large album of fanarts based on a system of tags. You can browse the whole thing, or choose the category that interests you!
Artists – an A-Z list of artists who dedicate their works to Tibia. You will find there both professional artists and hobbyists preparing works for art contests. There are also decorators of Tibia houses. Any form of creativity is appreciated!
Sprites – everything dedicated to pixel art. There you will see sprites created by players. Both those that have never been used and those that have gone down in Tibia history as fansite items. It is worth adding that in this section you will find the most informative and up-to-date list of fansite items.
Texts – articles, tutorials, interviews. This section is dedicated to those who want to learn more, both on selected topics and from the artists themselves!
Official Graphics – here you can find a collection of graphics created over the years by CipSoft employees: website headers, client backgrounds, various graphics advertising events, outfits, and mounts.

Presenting Artists and Decorators

Dozens of hours spent on fansites, DeviantArt, ArtStation, and Instagram in search of fanart dedicated to the MMORPG Tibia game resulted in hundreds of photos ready for publication. Each required finding the author, description, contact, and permission to publish. This tremendous amount of work resulted in dozens of subpages dedicated to players who devoted their free time not only to leveling their character in Tibia but also to decorating their homes or creating beautiful artistic works outside the game. The fact of how many creative people surrounded us on a daily basis, and that their works were not at all widely known and admired made us feel that our project really made sense!

Achiru Avenger

Amy Meow

Aras Artist

Atelie Femi


Brighid Grand Explorateur

Callie Aena


Elias Archanjo


Gustavo Santiago

Holy Mijeman

Ipaminondas Arte

Iridium Art

Julia De Belli

Julien Brightside


Li Dao

Luana Beatriz Draw

Lupus Aurelius

Lux 3D


Misha Artwork

Monzcarro Murcatto





Paulo Silvente

Sacros Arturt

Suzy Kill

The Art of Tibia

Titan of Tsunami




Check out the profiles we’ve added, and you’ll fall in love with these works as much as we do!

Instagram Account

Most fansites have a profile on Instagram, but in the case of, it is extremely important. Our goal by design is to promote artists. And the biggest part of this site is the images that showcase various types of players’ art. Instagram is the best platform on which we can increase our reach because that’s where the image is the main promotional tool.


TIBIABOSSES.COM – fansite dedicated to rare bosses with random spawn and rares market. Looking for some information about bosses, predictions, history of appearance, rares price check, or death tracker? Head to TibiaBosses and enjoy the content!

TIBIAGOALS.COM – fansite full of motivating articlesinterviews with inspiring players, and … riddles! Are you interested in house decorations, PvP? Do you like activities on social media? Maybe you are curious about the relations between Tibia and psychology? This is the right place to spend some free time!

“International Women’s Day” Contest 2021

It’s one of the highlights of’s “International Women’s Day” Contest 2021. You’re probably wondering what’s so strange about this, after all, contests have become commonplace. Our partners at offered to help us promote the site, and there’s no better way to promote a site than a contest with prizes! They decided to sponsor us with prizes and together we organized this special event.

We were the first ever fansite to be written on the trophies for the winners without being part of the fan program yet.

Artist’s Outfit designed by Tynusiiaa

This is a huge honor. We are grateful for the initiative on the part of and the selfless help. We are grateful for the trust and placement of us on the trophies. These little things were so important to us! Thank you!

New Team Member!

Divine’Angel is a girl that actually needs no introduction. Years of experience on social media running accounts related to Tibia, active promotion of Tibia-playing girls, and wide interest in the relationship between psychology and gaming are just a small part of her activities. On Kasia prepares interviews with artists for you. Something that sets them apart from others is custom questions, selected according to the creativity, experience, and interests of the interviewee. This seemingly obvious procedure is not used everywhere, and certainly makes each interview she prepares to present the interviewee’s artwork in the best possible way!


Interviews with players have appeared on the site. This is a unique initiative in which players show their own artworks, and talk about their experiences or plans for the future. Thanks to such interviews you can get to know your favorite creators even better!

Amy Meow is a girl who works extensively in graphics and animation, but she also loves to decorate houses and indulge in crafting! She has a lot of achievements in competitions organized by fansites.
Titan of Tsunami is a master of pixel art. He creates not only small 32×32 objects known from Tibia but also drawings and inscriptions of much larger formats, still using the same technique.
The third interview is the one with probably the most creative among decorators – Monzcarro Murcatto. Fantasy, unique ideas, and the perfect choice of colors and lighting effects are her trademarks!

“Tibian Artists: A Humble Recognition to Underestimated Heroes” is not the first fan site in the program’s history to feature players with a passion for art. And while it is said that nothing dies on the Internet, unfortunately, this cannot always be taken literally. After a popular fansite dedicated to Tibian artists went out of business, the memory of the artists promoted there faded over time. That’s why Lupus Aurelius, known for his amazing pixel art projects, dedicated an article to the artists, called: “Tibian Artists: A Humble Recognition to Underestimated Heroes” and shared it on Unfortunately, this site has also ceased its activities. Fortunately, with the cooperation of Lupus, we were able to once again prolong the memory of the precursors of fanart, whose works were already impressive a dozen years ago!

“Contests” Section

Have you ever had the urge to go back to a contest held in the past and recall someone’s work that you found inspiring? Or have you regretted seeing that the site has ceased operations and its history of contests has simply been lost with its existence?

That’s why we came up with the idea of a “CONTESTS” section! There you will find all contests related to fanart and artwork starting from 2021.

Supported Tibia Fansite

It’s hard to say whether joining the official fansite programme is the most important moment of 2021. After all, there was really a lot going on!

Without a doubt, however, it must be admitted that this very event has opened the way for us to grow, increase our reach, and help promote artists with even greater effectiveness. It is a great honor to be part of an official project under the auspices of the developers of this game.

We are proud and extremely grateful at the same time!


We have already introduced you to quite a few artists and decorators, and joined the official fansite programme. What would we like to achieve in 2022?

We will certainly introduce you to even more creative players and their works. We still have a huge list of potentially interesting artists who will surely appeal to you.

We also want to expand the existing sections. Although at this point the menu division is simple and the content is interesting, following our own interests, we still see great potential for the development of topics such as house decorating.

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