Summary of the year 2022!


This is the second year of, and we would be lying if we said that not much has happened. In retrospect, we can confidently admit that while 2021 was a busy time as the site took shape from the ground up, 2022 was even richer in changes and news! If you’re curious about what we’ve been able to introduce over the past 12 months, here’s a quick read.

New Artists and Decorators

It’s amazing how many talented, less and more experienced artists there are among the players. How many creative people we pass every day in the game with no idea that being offline they are creating something beautiful. In 2022, we were able to introduce you to the work of such players as:


Cindy Avelino

Decoration Shana




Honourable Knight of Honera

Isabela Maria Esculturas


Magiska Malin



No PK Prints

Rtsen Illustrator


Sara Sedentaria




Visit their profiles to once again see all the beautiful things they have created!

New Partners

DANIEL HATANO is our proposed Tibia Coins reseller! If you need extra money in the game, we encourage you to use his services. You will receive a discount by entering the code:
“TibiaFanART” He also offers other services such as recovery key or premium time.

TIBIATALES.COM – fansite dedicated to fan fiction stories straight from the world of Tibia! So if you’re satisfied with looking at all the artwork created by the players here, brew yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or yerba, visit them and read! There are plenty of great stories waiting for you there!

TIBIADUALITY.COM – If you are interested in guides, spoilers, and articles created by experienced players with higher lvl on quests, PvP, or events implemented in the game, then stop by TibiaDuality! … And do you prefer dogs or cats? We love both!


We also had the pleasure of organizing two contests for you. One on the occasion of International Women’s Day – “Women Unite” with our wonderful partners from, proving once again that you can co-create contests in a great atmosphere full of laughter and fun. The second was “Dress Like a Boss” as part of Fansite Appreciation Day!

Sara Sedentaria as “Zushuka” – winner of our “Dress Like a Boss” contest

Great works, talented people, attractive prizes. It was a lot of fun!


2022 also includes new interviews. One with Kriiz, a player known for his many successes achieved in contests organized by fansites and beautiful house decorations. The other is with Norelli, that is a decorator with vast experience. She has to her credit not only many appreciated decorations or won contests, but also experience in creating content on the theme of decoration on and on

also known as Penciljack

We also managed to conduct a very special interview for us with a member of the CipSoft crew. And not just any kind! We chose the very popular and appreciated by the community, as well as colleagues, Jan Pedrojetta, who has been creating beautiful illustrations and sprites in Tibia for years. It was an extraordinary experience for us and mega fun to collaborate on the interview! We are proud that we could organize such an interview and that it will forever be a part of our site! 🙂

“Tattoo” Section

“You should add Tibia-related tattoos to your gallery, there are plenty of them on Instagram!” – said Lady Mass as she browsed through more photos of beautiful fanart created by players – “After all, it’s also an art form, and such tattoos often look really great!”

As she said, so I did. Soon you could admire on the site nearly 10 tattoos submitted by players, now there are even more. Meanwhile, the originator of this idea keeps sending me new works of art adorning the skin of players! 😉

This section is not only an interesting option, which until now could not be found on any other fansite but also a fantastic way to promote the work of tattooists, who are not lacking in our community!

“House Decorations” Section

This section is by far the largest project launched in 2022. Although it was originally intended to be limited to just a modest gallery of the most beautiful decorations collected from players and small tutorials on how to obtain decorative items, with the help of experienced decorators willing to enlist in the project, it has grown over time to become the second largest section on the site, and its potential is growing week by week.

Currently, you will find there not only informative guides but also a review of the most prestigious houses, a huge gallery of decorations, themed galleries, interviews, articles, as well as a DIY section!

“Leaves” guide – Items Guide
“Icy Christmas Tree” – DIY section

Menu Changes

In 2022, the site has really seen a lot of changes. The initially small passion project presenting only fanart created by players began to grow. We created more and more content, so changes were necessary, especially those in the menu, which allowed for a more transparent division of the subject matter.

In the year, the TOP MENU was entirely dedicated to the affairs of the site and the organization, while the MAIN MENU, was divided into 7 basic sections:

Amazing Article “How to become a decorator?”

“How to become a decorator?” is the first article to be written in the house decorators section. Therefore, the topic by design was supposed to be about the beginnings of the decorating adventure. After all, everyone started somehow, and sharing common experiences can help and inspire others who are just planning their own decorating adventure! 🙂 Something that distinguishes this article from others is that instead of a simple author’s text, we have created a compilation of answers from many authors, representing different levels of experience and styles. This results in a more general knowledge presented from the perspective of many players. A good idea? Check it out for yourself!

Yeti Doll

In 2022, a very special thing for also took place. An item representing our site entered the game. And to the surprise of many players, it turned out to be a small, inconspicuous Yeti, which, although the subject matter does not directly relate to the content of the fansite, is a piece of history in the body of work of the admin.

Check the final result below:

stage 1
stage 2

The graphic was designed by the admin, Makadamia, and you can read more details about this project in the article about the Yeti Doll!

“About Us” – quick guide, fansite staff, and more!

Do you sometimes feel like getting to know at least a little bit about those behind the project you are watching? Find out how it all came about, and what the authors wanted to achieve? Who exactly are the authors and what is their role?

For this purpose, we have created for you a tab in the top menu called “About Us”, where you will find a brief history of, a guide to the site, which presents all its content in a nutshell, as well as our team, which is constantly working on creating content for you!

Promoted Tibia Fansite

On November 14, had the honor of being advanced to the ranks of promoted fansites. This is undoubtedly a huge milestone and a great success for this small, but steadily growing site, which gave us a great boost of motivation to create more and more player-inspiring content!

YouTube Channel

Although does not plan to have a great career on the YouTube platform, we have also managed to create our own channel in order to facilitate the posting of recordings to the site and promote ourselves. We will be publishing more and more videos there over time!

New member of our team!

Norelli, a popular decorator has joined our team! She not only has a tremendous background in a number of extremely well-recognized decorations in the community but also has experience as a team member of the fansite dedicated to decorations. We are fortunate that she will now share her experience and ideas on our humble, still-growing site. Her vast experience and professionalism will help maintain a high level of the published content.

New Instagram Account

We were proud to announce the creation of our second account on Instagram, which focuses exclusively on house decorations. Although’s Instagram existed and promoted players’ artwork almost from the beginning of the fansite’s existence, decorations, as well as guides, tutorials, and articles, were lost among the fanart. By setting up another account, we gained the opportunity to present to you in a clear way content exclusively related to decorations. This was certainly a good decision!

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“Christmas Decorations” Compendium

“Christmas Decorations” is the first thematic article-compendium dedicated to house decorations. An extensive review of the items, DIY, and lots of screenshots made by players. This is the level we will maintain, and if necessary – we will try to improve, enrich and enhance the existing content.

2021 vs. 2022

How does 2022 compare to 2021? Have we rested on our laurels and decided to relax after an active start? Nothing of the sort!

Comparing the current summary to that of 2021, it is easy to see that both now and a year ago the site was actively updated with new content. While in 2021 our activities were formative in terms of the content that can be found on the site and aimed at introducing as many artists as possible, in 2022 we began to develop the various aspects of the site a bit more meticulously.

In 2021, as many as 36 artist pages were created.
In 2022, there were only 19 artist subpages. However! We invested the remaining time in developing existing subpages and updating them with new fanart or decorations. In addition, we spent time separating tattoo and house decorations from the rest of the fanart, so that the whole thing is sorted in a clear and simple way for everyone. We have also expanded the “HOUSE DECORATIONS” section.

In conclusion, there may have been noticeably fewer new artists on the site, but the quality of the site has certainly increased, and we hope to maintain this trend.


After an active year, we have set the bar high. Therefore, we will do our best to ensure that 2023 will not be a disappointment for you, but a time rich in changes, content creation, and promotion of artists.

What can you expect?

Certainly, we will take care of the development of the “HOUSE DECORATIONS” section, in our heads we have a lot of ideas and desire to create content for you from things that could be valuable for beginners to content to inspire even the more experienced decorators. New artists (including decorators, of course), interviews, thematic articles, DIY tutorials, and the development of “ITEMS GUIDE” are our plans for the nearest future. We also plan to spend some time further organizing and sorting the content, refreshing the headers for the articles, and other less significant fixes.

So if you like what we create, stay tuned for more!

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Makadamia admin.

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